5 Steps of FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removing hair follicles from any area of the body, which is known as the ‘donor area,’ and transplanting them to a thinning hair area, known as the recipient area.’  Male pattern baldness can be treated by it. Around the world, more than 60% of men and 50% of women suffer from androgenetic alopecia or irreversible hair loss. The medical problem can be treated with a hair transplant. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)  and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) – sometimes known as Follicular Unit Extraction – are most commonly employed hair transplant procedures. Both are successful hair restoration procedures with a high patient success rate. This article will give you a detailed account of the 5 Steps of FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad.

Difference between FUE and FUT:

The fundamental difference between FUT and FUE hair transplants is that with FUT, a strip of donor skin is removed from the patient in order to harvest individual follicular units, which are then transplanted to areas where hair loss has occurred. Individual follicular units are harvested straight from the scalp during FUE. It is now the most popular procedure for obtaining a reliable source. The following are some of the benefits of FUE:

  • A shorter recovery time
  • There is minimal pain following surgery, and there isn’t a large scar.
  • Even if you have a low hair density, hair from different body areas can be used.
  • At the place of hair removal, FUT surgery creates a scar. The scar will fade over time, but it will always be there. The amount of hair follicles used during surgery determines the size of the scar. Your hair normally hides the scar, but if you keep your hair short, it may be visible.


  • Scarring on the scalp of patients is minimal to non-existent upon recovery.
  • Patients who want to maintain their hair short can benefit from FUE hair surgery.
  • Only 5-7 days are required for recovery.


  • It takes a long time, especially when it comes to graft extraction.
  • In terms of relative prices, FUT vs. FUE, FUE is substantially more expensive than FUT

5 Steps of FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad:

Pre-op counseling, graft extraction and preservation, implantation, and post-op care are all steps in the hair transplant process. This complete treatment usually takes between 6 and 9 hours. The detailed steps of FUE hair transplantation are as under:

●     Stage 1: first consultation and preparation for the procedure

An individual consultation is booked for every patient in which they are provided with counselling and guidance. Number of grafts and their placement is determined. Patient is told to go through any tests that are required to be done, or any pre-procedure cautions that are to be followed.

●     Stage 2: Graft is extracted

As the type of grafting has already been determined, so in the next session, the grafts are extracted for donor area of the patient. The area which is most consulted for grafts is the back or side of the scalp. Yet grafts can also be extracted from other areas if patient does not have enough hair on the scalp.

●     Stage 3: Grafts are preserved

There is a chance of great damage to the grafts, If they are not preserved properly hence a proactive approach is necessary. Proper precautionary measures are done to preserve the grafts after extraction. Hair are cleansed, sorted by the number of hairs it contains and soaked in an active plasma solution to increase its survivability. The grafts are then placed in Petri dishes and kept refrigerated until they are implanted.

●     Stage 4: implantation of grafts

Implantation of grafts is done one at a time. This kind of implantation allows us to place grafts in amongst existing hair, resulting in a very high implantation density.

●     Stage 5: post-procedure care

It is necessary to follow proper aftercare protocols once the primary stages of a hair transplant are completed. It is important to wash the area, avoid rubbing, and avoid going in direct sunlight. A day following the hair transplant, the surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment to assess the patient’s recovery.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad:

A hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan, costs between PKR … to PKR …However, you should be aware that it is a delicate process that cannot be performed cheaply.  There are a few more variables that can affect treatment expenses, including:

  • The cost is charged by an experienced surgeon.
  • The clinic’s address and reputation.
  • The procedure worked well (FUT or FUE).
  • A number of grafts are needed.
  • Other corroborating allegations

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Each of our patients receive a skilled and personalised treatment plan. Our hair restoration professionals and doctors at Dynamic Clinic have a plethora of experience and have collaborated for many years. For further information about our services in London, please call on our number or fill out the form below. We will be happy to provide you with experienced, unbiased guidance that is suited to your specific needs and objectives.

Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?

Sometimes, hair restoration surgeries went wrong due to weakness, lack of aftercare, genetics or an unqualified surgeon’s performance. However, if you start to lose hair even after the surgery then it would be very shocking and unexpected for you. It might be any reason like environmental factors, family problems or reaction to medicines but thanks to advanced cosmetic treatments, this problem is treatable.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss all about “Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?” as well as how to prevent hair loss in future. So, keep reading!

Introduction to Hair Transplant:

A surgical procedure that is used to perform as the hair follicles will extract from the backside of the scalp and implanted them in bald or patchy areas is known as Hair Transplant. It is divided into two effective methods, FUT – also known as a strip method, it will extract from the backside. Another one is FUE – which is used to perform by extracting individual follicles from the scalp and can be implanted on empty areas of the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard. The treatment is suitable for everyone except those who don’t have healthy and thin hair follicles.

Is it common to lose hair after transplantation?

Sometimes, it can be possible and common to lose hair even after the surgery because it might be a side effect of your treatment or not good performance of your chosen surgeon.

According to Dynamic experts, it is normal to lose a few hairs after 4 to 8 weeks of surgery. In other words, this condition is known as shock loss. You may feel your hair becomes thin and rough. But once this period is over, the implanted follicles will start to produce hair again and they will become thicker and strong.

What is pattern baldness after surgery?

In general, an undergoing candidate for hair transplant surgery will not experience pattern baldness after the procedure because natural hair follicles are implanted which are hard to fall out. On the other side, it can be a possibility that hair can appear as thin and less volumized. But you can get an additional session for implanting more hair follicles if you feel an empty area.

Preventions for future hair loss:

Many people are confused about “Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?” so it would be best if you proper consultation with a board-certified and experienced surgeon who will guide you accurately and properly. However, some common aftercare tips for prevention of future hair loss are mentioned below:

  • Choose the perfect age for hair transplant surgery otherwise, it will be helpless for you.
  • Better to always choose an experienced and professional hair surgeon for good treatment and who can guide you perfectly.
  • You must follow every little to detailed instruction from your surgeon for taking good care of your transplanted area.
  • Use vitamins, a proper healthy diet and routine caring for good hair appearance.
  • It will be best for you if you use essential oils for your perfect hair growth.
  • In case of extreme hair loss then you must visit your surgeon immediately.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, it is common to lose a few hair strands after the hair restoration surgery but if you are experiencing extreme hair loss and it is making you bald then you should consult Dynamic Clinic for immediate treatment before it’s too late. We want to make your hair healthy, thick and strong!

Cost of Hair Transplant in Islamabad

Is hair fall is becoming the new reason for your depression? Don’t be upset, Dynamic Clinic is offering Hair transplanting treatments in a reasonable cost range. You may lose your hair due to genetics, imbalance hormones or cause of injury or alopecia.

Firstly, there are a lot of hair treatments that are performed for giving effective results and growth of natural hair. Secondly, the cost of hair treatment will be reasonable and paying for it will be worthwhile. However, read this blog post where you will get information about hair treatments and the Cost of Hair Transplant in Islamabad. 

To Know About Hair Transplant:

A surgical and minimally invasive procedure that is used to perform for extracting healthy hairs from the donor site and implant them on bald areas is known as Hair Transplantation. There are several techniques that are used during the surgery like FUE, FUT or DHI hair transplanting. It will require local anesthesia for numbing the areas so that is how you will not feel any type of pain. Moreover, it is suitable for all men and women at the age of above 25.

It’s working:

According to Dynamic Clinic, before the procedure, the surgeon will examine your hair and baldness condition and diagnose the cause of it. If you are not a suitable candidate then you will not be an ideal candidate for it. However, the procedure will be done under anesthesia which will apply to the extraction and insertion areas.

The follicles will be extracted according to chosen technique and skillfully implant on the bald area. The whole procedure will require 4 to 6 hours or it depends on how many grafts a candidate needs. After that, you can go home for a rest as the surgeon will put a bandage on the treated area.

How Long Will The Results Last?

After getting hair transplant surgery, the results will be effective, long-lasting and natural. The area will recover after 3 to 4 months and growth will start to appear. Complete results will be seen after 10 to 12 months. So, it is important to choose an experienced surgeon who will perform your treatment accurately and take good care of the treated area and you will get amazing results.

Cost of Hair Transplant at Dynamic Clinic:

Frequently, the Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Islamabad ranges between 70,000 PKR to 500,000 PKR. Although it is necessary to understand that these hair treatments are delicate and sensitive and cannot be performed by any unprofessional person. It requires a lot of expertise, skills and accuracy to give satisfying results. So, if you are planning to have this surgery then you should talk to our hair specialist who will let you know the actual price according to your concerns.

What Factors Can Affect The Cost?

After knowing the range of hair restoration treatment, there are a few factors that can affect the cost of treatment. Some common factors are mentioned below:

  • Experienced Surgeon’s Fee –It is necessary to choose a professional and expert surgeon who will perform your surgery accurately. To choose the experienced one, it will affect your cost according to the surgeon’s own fee criteria.
  • Location and Reputation of Clinic –To choose well known and reputable clinic is a must. Because there are a lot of clinics that are just running their business but nothing else. So, if you don’t have a well-known clinic near to you then you need to travel and it will affect your cost with traveling expense.
  • Technique Type –Choosing hair treatment method FUT, FUE or DHI will charge you differently. These methods are performed differently and it can affect your cost according to your concerns.
  • The Number of Grafts –If you are selecting the FUE method then the number of grafts matters a lot. The cost will be depended on how many grafts will extract. The cost will be calculated as per graft. So, it can affect your cost.
  • Other Supporting Charges –The further charges include checkup sessions, anesthesia fees, medication and many other charges that can affect the cost of the treatment.

All Summed Up!

Furthermore, if you want to know more about procedure-related or cost-related queries then you can consult Dynamic clinic where we will guide you with helpful information according to your concerns and expectations. We are looking forward to giving you a memorable experience!

Wondering What Hair Restoration Techniques are Right for you?

Look at men and some women. Once you are born, you head to adult life with thinning hair, receding hairline, or total male pattern baldness. Who are the “bad guys” of hair loss? Genes, hormones, environmental stress and myriad unknowns. Reliable solutions? Little or no, the new class of hair transplant procedures and even digital technology applications, such as laser restoration, offer thick possibilities.

Get a truly natural look – limitations of older hair taking techniques. Earlier hair-setting technologies have provided the hair at a bald spot. However, the look can do more harm than good when the hair starts to push at opposite angles, or so to be noticed easily and embarrassingly.

Follicular transplant for a smooth and subtle appearance:

In spite of the hair and bristles of hair on the body and its consequences, the wealthy contemporary men and women of the twenty-first century are undergoing a hair transplant that rivals Mother Nature.

Exploit cycles of natural hair growth:

Hair, by its nature, grows in cycles or phases. At any one time, about 10% or more of your hair is “resting,” dormant and not growing. The follicles, all rich, strong and elastic during youth naturally lose their youthfulness of living, the more the follicles shrink and fall.

Harvest of tiny natural “units” with three follicles:

The hair naturally falls into combinations of single or multiple follicles. So, if you want a natural look, the follicular unit graft is as close to nature as the restoration can get from it.

What improves the success rates of hair restoration surgery?

Overall, patient health, stress reduction proactively intervening at the first signs of hair loss in women or signs of male pattern baldness, genetics, age and hormonal levels all play a role in the determination.

Sex hormones, age and hair restoration:

For many men, “maturity” is not limited to mortgage payments, children’s football games and retirement planning. Science is discovering that hair loss reflects the wonderful hormonal complexity of the human body.

New Hair Growth Technology – Low Laser Light Therapy. The laser, when applied to a hair transplant islamabad operation, creates a controlled incision and seal of the hair transplant area. Curiously, at low intensity and in the right energy frequencies, low light laser therapy also shows therapeutic potential for hair growth, where targeted low-intensity laser light can be emitted at an angle of follicle depth. Results? Although it is not conclusive and cannot be translated to everyone, low-intensity laser light therapy offers interesting perspectives and possibilities of adaptation in the future.


Have you noticed how many hair loss restoration methods have changed over the years?

There has been a lot of progress in this area in recent years. The use of natural ingredients is one of the most promising discoveries. Research shows that natural ingredients can have a significant impact on fine hair.

With the wide range of current remedies, many people find a solution to their hair loss. The wonderful part is that they are not so expensive. When you are looking for natural ingredients that are suitable for restoring hair loss, you will find several. Finding the right combination is essential.

Where do you find the right ones for your personal hair loss? This is where research comes into play. You must find out what is causing your hair loss before you can find the right treatment. This can be just a question of visiting your doctor.

However, the research you do in your particular situation will help you understand why some ingredients are effective. The important thing is that they work. The hair has stages that it goes through. When these steps are interrupted by something, it can cause hair loss.


Difference Between FUE or FUT Hair Transplant

If you lose your hair, do not worry. With different forms of cosmetic surgeries available, one can easily go there. Hair transplant is popular among those who face hair loss. This usually leads to baldness and thinning of the hair.

Hair development usually occurs from an organ called a hair follicle. He lives under the surface of the scalp. It gives life and development to locks of hair. The hair follicle is a button-shaped structure, visible at the end of a broken hair. The development of the hair takes place in 3 stages, that is to say, the anagen stage, the catagen stage and the last stage is the telogen stage.

  • In the anagen stage, each hair follicle prepares a hair.
  • At the catagen stage, it grows to a certain size before disappearing.
  • At the telogen stage, another hair develops from the same follicle.

Thus, the hair development cycle is deeply rooted and will continue to grow as long as the hair follicle is healthy. Anyway, the unhappiness of the hair is a major concern. For this reason, people experiment with different medications and also undergo transplant surgeries.

Hair restoration is a term that alludes to the different alternatives and methods to replace lost hair. There are two basic classifications in hair reconstruction. These are surgical and nonsurgical. Non-surgical methods are usually called prostheses. Surgical methods are of two kinds. One is FUT Hair Transplant, and the other is FUE Hair Transplant. Both systems have points of interest and obstacles.

FUT or FUE unit transplantation:

This methodology involves concentrating a thin segment of hair along the skin of the contributory region. Beneficial hair comes mostly from the head/scalp. They are hereditary insensitive to hair loss. They are analyzed, magnifying, in follicular units or in unions. This is then transplanted into the imaginary region called the beneficiary area. Grafted hair begins to develop typically after four months.

FU T or FUE Unit Extraction:

In this method, individual follicular units are concentrated and transplanted to the desired area of ​​the scalp, that is, called the recipient area. This operation does not have to make points of entry on the scalp. Around the follicular unit, a roundabout is cut on the skin with a 1 mm punch before concentrating it. No scar appears on the concentrated territory. It is suitable for those vulnerable to donor scarring and also for those who do not have sufficient laxity on the scalp to experience the conventional FUT strip procedure.

This is the question most of you would like to know. As it sounds costly, it is very important that you can afford to pay for the procedure. So, how much does the hair transplant cost, anyway? In this article, you’ll learn about the latest hair transplant facts and the two most common harvesting methods you can choose from, along with their prices.

Difference Between FUE or FUT Hair Transplant:

FUE unit grafting is the latest invention in hair transplantation. It contains the acronym FUT and has two types of harvesting procedures that you should consider. The first is called strip harvesting, and the second is called FUE. These two harvesting procedures have different costs.

Strip picking is the first technique for performing a natural hair transplant. It involves local anesthesia, a linear scar – a scar that takes time to heal – and stitches that must be removed by a licensed physician. Since it involves seams, scars and some medications, the cost of this process is a little higher than that of the FUE.

While FUE, an acronym for FUT Unit Extraction, is a method in which every hair follicle is removed under the influence of local anesthesia. This is one of the advanced treatments against hair loss and the treatment preferred by many. The session for FUE is longer than expected. If done by an expert, living transplants will surely be an ordinary result. No points will be made, and scars will not occur. Recovery will take just one week or less compared to the other method. However, this procedure can also take your salary for a whole month.


How to Choose the Right Clinic for Hair Transplant

Hair replacement is a procedure that can treat hair loss. The process can be done through surgical and non-surgical procedures. Hair problems can occur because of certain circumstances that you cannot control. These include ageing, hormonal imbalance, the effect of certain treatments such as chemotherapy and accidents that can cause you to lose hair on your head.

While doing good cosmetic surgery, you must pay attention to the selection of the clinic and the surgeons. An experienced and knowledgeable expert can be your ultimate assistant during the wire transfer procedure. Although hospitals or hospitals are accessible recently, choosing the best is a challenge for you. Try to do thorough research on nearby hospitals so you can get enough information about it. Here are many strand Hair transplant hospitals available that can help you regain your hair. If you are looking for an excellent health center, you should evaluate a few criteria.

You should also be careful to deal with the doctors, who will do the whole process. In addition to this, they must also be familiar with the strand relocation procedure. Doctors must-have skills and experience look for private relocation hospitals that are managed by a surgeon who is truly certified by a renowned or experienced institution or organization. Meeting a professional surgeon will help you a lot in your relocation process.

Check with Previous Patients:

Whenever you choose one of the best hair transplant clinics, you must check every detail to get all your answers. And the important thing to do is check with previous patients who were already in the hospital. You must do 100% of your effort to check with previous patients. Previous patients can also tell you about the medical history of the doctor and the surgeons.

As you will have many relocation hospitals, not all hospitals are reliable for you. Conduct an appropriate search on the hospital website and discuss with previous patients and existing patients. As you know, while you are undergoing this operation, you have to pay a huge amount for this hospital, and that is why verification is essential. Talking or discussing with the previous patient will help you to know the hospital’s process and budget correctly.

Research is Quite Important:

By dealing with the best hair transplant clinic, you’ll be sure to get the wicks on your head. But thorough research on these hospitals is very important before you start trading. Try to research each hospital with the name of the doctor you have already met. If you consult the official account of each hospital, you will receive many new data on this hospital and doctors. If you cannot find documentation or authorized content on their website, you’d better avoid it.

In addition, after selecting a hospital where you will perform your work, try to confirm the surgery budget, medications and other details from it. When you visit a hospital, you will need to be able to see, before and after, images of the type of process and procedure that you basically want to use. Try to look at the pictures of your surgery. If you encounter a problem in your process, you must claim it at any time.

Fortunately, there are many good hair clinics that help with the replacement procedure. These tips guide you on how to choose the right hair replacement clinic:

The decision to go to a clinic to get there usually starts after you have tried different procedures without getting good results. At this point, you should look for the clinic that is well known for good replacement results. Internet is a reliable source on which you can start.

By the time you are satisfied with the ability and expertise of hair replacement specialists or clinics, you can expect and expect the best of hair replacement.


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