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Our cosmetic treatments have transformed tens of thousands of lives over the years. Some of the leading Hair Transplant plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the country work with us on a mission to bring out your best version. Our cosmetic surgeries can help you realize wildest beauty goals. Do not like surgery? Not a problem! We have non-surgical alternatives as well; just get in touch with us and know your options.

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Anyone who knows the potential of well-shaped buttocks can take Brazilian but lift. Women take it most of the time but men can try it as well.

The actual age of a breast implant is not known. For some women, implants can last for 20 years but it may not go beyond 10 years for others.

If other things remain the same, hair transplant results are considered to be as permanent (for life). Obviously, proper care is required.

The cost of laser hair removal can be different for different people due to different factors. Contact us anytime to know the cost in your case.

The results delivered by Botox injections can last from 3 months to 6 months. The results depend on various factors including the professional’s expertise.

Our anti-aging treatments help you turn back the clock. How? We can take 5 to 10 years to offer your age through our latest anti-aging techniques.

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Gluta IV Drip in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan
Skin Care

Gluta IV Drip in Islamabad

Glutathione is a type of peptide that naturally occurs in our body and is also responsible for building immunity. If the gluta is in less amount in our body, it can weaken the immunity and may cause hyperpigmentation and dull

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5D Skin Whitening Price in Islamabad, & Pakistan | Cost
Skin Care

5D Skin Whitening Price in Islamabad

ANTIOXIDANT SHOT FOR BRIGHTER SKIN Nowadays, a fairer skin tone is considered a symbol of beauty, especially in Asian countries. Everyone is not blessed with fair colour, and they want to look fair. It should not be considered bad as

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