Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Baldness is such a condition that may be heartbreaking to some extent since it has a potential role in self-esteem. However, hair transplant surgery can also give a permanent solution to those who want to undergo the process. People who want to undergo hair transplant surgery must be thinking about the Hair Transplant Cost In Islamabad. If you are interested in exploring the cost then keep reading.

Hair Transplant Procedure:

Hair transplantation entails moving hair follicles from a donor site normally the rear or the side of the head and implanting it at a particular region that has baldness or is experiencing hair loss. There are two common methods to achieve this namely Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.


Also called strip harvest, which implies taking a flap of the scalp with appropriate hair follicles and then transplanting them.


This involves transplanting hair follicles from the body part which has more hair and implanting it in the area where hair is required.

Factors Affecting Treatment Cost:

The Hair Transplant Cost In Islamabad is different for everyone as it depends on some factors. Understanding these factors is essential for obtaining an accurate cost estimate:

Clinic Reputation and Expertise:

However, other factors can influence the overall cost of hair transplantation surgery such as the reputation of the hair transplant clinic and the experience of the medical team. Competition here is stringently reduced, and qualified and accredited clinics and surgeons may request higher means for the procedures as they are more guaranteed.

Technique Used:

As mentioned earlier, there are two primary hair transplant techniques: FUT and FUE are the two surgical techniques for hair transplantation that have been developed recently and improved over the years. The prices may differ depending on the chosen method and FUE may generally cost more since it is a very detailed procedure with the usage of hi-tech tools.

Number of Grafts Required:

So the overall cost of hair transplant surgery usually depends on the number of grafts required or the extent of the baldness. The cost of the balding treatment increases with the number of recipients needed; the larger the bald area or the thinning hair, the more recipients are required and hence the overall cost is high.

Geographic Location:

There are also some other factors through which the cost of a hair transplant depends on which geographic location one has to get treatment. It must also be noted that these figures may not be very accurate since hair transplant procedures in Islamabad, while they might be cheaper than those of other cities, may also be cheaper due to overall lower living expenses.

Additional Services and Facilities:

More services may be provided by some clinics which include costs of follow-up sessions such as after-surgery checkups and consultation from other specialised clinics with modern technologies for quality output. These additional services may increase the cost, but can often result in better results with additional reassurance for the patient.

Average Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad: 

Hair Transplant Cost In Islamabad ranges from PKR 85,000 to PKR 3,00,000 and depends on the factors that have been discussed before.

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Final Thoughts!

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Islamabad depends on several factors including the clinic’s renown, the method used, the number of grafts needed, the region, and the other procedures involved. These factors help one get a clear image of the cost implications and hence decide to have hair transplants. If you are looking to get the best hair transplant then make sure you book your appointment with us. You just have to fill out the form and our team will contact you shortly.