Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Islamabad

The Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore is also known as HST (HAIR STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION) or HASCI (Hair Transplantation Method). It is a highly sophisticated and patented type of hair treatment for hair loss problems and baldness on the head. This treatment involves the multiplication of hair follicles by leaving some hair stem cells in the donor site, which in turn stimulates the regrowth of hair. It is quite similar to the traditional hair transplant but without the removal of a large number of hairs. This restoration technique gives the benefits of FUE and FUT in a single treatment session.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the somatic (body) cells, which further divide and differentiate into specific cells. Adult stem cells are widely used in the medical field to treat a variety of diseases by stem cell transplants. They also heal body tissues that are damaged, by decreasing inflammation, and are used to restore your damaged hair on the head.

Are you an eligible candidate?

To be eligible for stem cell hair transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore – you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must not have progressive hair loss.
  • You must have ample donor hair on the scalp or on the body.
  • If you are 25 years old or above.
  • If you are interested in a non-surgical treatment.
  • If you want to look and feel youthful.
  • If you want to enhance the texture and quality of your hair.
  • If your scalp is tight.

Goals of Stem Cell Hair Transplant;

Following are the goals of stem cell hair transplant:

  • A transformation that leaves no scars.
  • A hair density that is desirable by you.
  • The head is full of lustrous hair.
  • A procedure that has less downtime.
  • Treatment with a speedy recovery.
  • A permanent way to get hair.

Required Care before surgery:

Pre-operative care is of crucial importance before Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Such care involves

  • No smoking for 2 to 4 weeks before this transplantation.
  • No alcohol consumption for 4 weeks before this treatment.
  • Getting all the prescribed medicines beforehand.
  • Avoidance of caffeinated beverages.
  • Be positive about the outcomes.

The procedure of Stem Cell hair transplant:

  • The donor hair site is shaved for preparation.
  • Anesthesia is locally injected on the donor site, for a pain-free hair follicles extraction.
  • Hair grafts are extracted in a way to leave stem cells behind on the donor area which readily boosts hair growth there.
  • Extracted adult stem cells are then meticulously implanted at your required recipient regions.

Post Surgical Care after Stem Cell Transplant:

To ensure a speedy recovery process, your doctors will advise you the following:

  • Don’t wash your scalp for a day.
  • Take prescribed antibiotics and pain killer medications daily.
  • Limit sun exposure.
  • Do not scratch your scalp even if it itches.
  • Apply a topical cream or ointment as suggested by your doctor, etc.

Recovery Period:

The recovery takes 3 days and a maximum of 7 days. Just be sure to follow post-operative advice from your doctors.

Benefits of our Stem Cell Transplant:

As this is a unique procedure that assists you in gaining hair density and lush hair, there are many more pros to this as enlisted below:

  • This whole procedural treatment is free of scars.
  • In a single session, a patient gains a maximum density of hair.
  • If you have had a bad hair transplant before, our stem cell hair transplant will revive your healthy locks.
  • A reduced amount of graft wastage using this technique of hair transplantation.


In order to achieve desired hair results, a period of at least 3 months is required. This is because of the different cycles of hair. To see fuller, natural hair, it takes a year.

Cost of stem cell hair transplant:

The cost of Stem Cell transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore differs a lot depending on various factors and on clinics.