Mentor Breast Implants

What is Actually Breast implant?

Breast implant is a kind of technique used to change the shape, size and contour of breast. It can be used to reform the naturally looking breast after mastectomy or for correction of deformities and congenital defects of chest wall. It is also used cosmetically, in order to enlarge the breast appearance. On basis of filler material it can be divided into two categories:

  • Saline solution
  • Silicone gel

Both of these types of Breast Implants are offered By Mentor. Among these, two kinds of silicone breast implants are offered by Mentor:

  • Mentor memorygel  breast implants
  • Mentor  memoryshape breast implants

These types can offered by MENTOR have different characteristics, on the basis of which you can choose best one for you.

Mentor  memory shape breast implants:

It is approved by FDA and made in USA. Highly cohesive gel is used to fill in order to give breast durable shape and youthful feel.

Mentor  memory gel breast implants:

It is also FDA approved and made in USA. Propriety  cohesive gel is used to fill, in order to provide the hold for retaining a natural look which resembles with breast tissue.

Shapes Available:

Two types of shapes are available in case of Mentor silicone implants:

Round: these are circular and can be shifted slightly and shape of your breast is not distorted.

Teardrop: in this case breasts are made thinner at top in order to give natural look, and it mimics the silhouette.

For what purposes it can be used?

It can be used for various purposes for example:

  • For replacing the damaged breast tissues due to disease, trauma etc.
  • For correction of previously reformed breast from reconstruction surgery.
  • For aesthetically augmenting the form and size of breast.

What are some Complications?

Complications related to breast implant are as similar as result from reconstruction surgery. Several complications arise due to Breast implants like, pain, impeded breast feeding function, asymmetry, altered sensation symmastia and thinning of breast tissue. Some other complications associated with breast implants are:

  • There may be a chance of tightening of tissue capsule near implant area, which may result into hardening or firmness.
  • Lymph nodes may swell due to implants.
  • There may be a hole in outer shell of implant.
  • Due to infection there may be a chance of necrosis.
  • Rashes around the breast.
  • Implant may be felt through the skin.
  • Breasts may look uneven in term of shape or size.

What to Consider Before having Breast Implants?

Before you are going to have breast implants you need to read the following points

  • These are not for lifetime, you need to remove them when required.
  • If you use these implants for a very long time, the outcomes and would be adverse. The most common examples of complications due to breast implants are wrinkling, scarring etc.
  • You should be prepared for some additional surgeries.
  • In case you have breast implants, there is need to monitor you breasts for your whole life. You may need to consult doctor if you feel any abnormality.
  • There may be a risk of developing cancer which is known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma in the area around implant. It is not breast cancer. For treatment surgery radiation therapy and chemotherapy is required.
  • In case you removed your implants and did not replaced you may face some changes like breast tissue loss, dumpling etc.
  • Changes due to breast implantation are irreversible and undesirable usually.
  • If you are going to have silicone gel breast implants you may have to go for MRI examinations in order to check if there is any rupture, as it does not cause symptoms. MRI for checking rupture is costly.

Final Thoughts:

Breast implants offered by Mentor are good in quality. It allows you to have enhanced breast and reform your breast after some disease or trauma. For this purpose different types of breast implants are available at Mentor. There are some complications associated with breast implants. It is not for life time, you need surgery for removing or replacing them. Moreover appearance of implanted breasts is influenced by weight loss, pregnancy or menopause. Before having breast implants, first make sure you want it or not, and then you need to consult a doctor.

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