Laser Scar Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan


Scars can disturb you, and it is difficult to live with scars. Scars can be due to different reasons such as injury, trauma or acne. It can be embarrassing and may lower the confidence of the person. Scars are miserable, but no need to worry now. We have got a magical treatment to get rid of scars. Laser Scar Removal in Islamabad is the safest treatment, giving effective results in no time. 

Why Are Scars Formed?

Scars are formed when our body’s natural healing process responds to injury or skin damage. When the skin is healing, the body releases collagen. This collagen helps to heal the skin tissues; as a result, scars appear on the skin. There are different types of scars depending upon the type of injury and the reason for damage to the skin.

Ideal Candidate For Laser Scar Removal:

The skin care expert will examine your skin condition and will determine if the treatment is right for you or not. You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have acne scars on the skin
  • You have scars due to injury or burn
  • If you are not allergic to any chemical
  • You are above 20
  • You have realistic expectations about the result
  • You want a non-surgical procedure
  • You are looking for a painless procedure
  • You do not have light sensitivity

During the initial consultation, you should tell the skin care expert about your medical conditions to avoid any complications in the future.


You can get the results of Laser Scar Removal in Islamabad after a few sessions. The results of laser scar removal are permanent. If you want your desired results, follow the dermatologist’s instructions.

Laser Treatments For Scars Removal:

Different treatment procedures are carried out at Dynamic clinic to remove scars. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Laser Resurfacing

In this treatment procedure, the doctor uses a CO2 laser to remove the skin’s outer surface, which will reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark spots on the skin. The upper damaged layer of the skin is damaged, and you will get flawless skin in no time. It is a completely non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime.

  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing:

In fractional laser resurfacing, the dermatologist uses an F.D.A.-approved device to direct the laser light toward the treatment area. The laser light will penetrate deeper into the skin. It will increase collagen production in the treatment area. As a result, the skin will heal quickly, and you will get rid of scars in no time.

  • Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing:

In this treatment procedure, an infrared heat laser is directed toward the skin. It is a little uncomfortable procedure; the dermatologist will apply numbing cream to minimise the pain. This treatment is suitable for deeper scars; you may need sedation if the scar is too deep and big.

Other Treatment Options:

  • Dermal Fillers

Usually, the hyaluronic acid fillers are injected under the scars. It will smooth the texture of the skin. Dermal fillers in Islamabad  will give you immediate results. The fillers increase collagen production, which helps to rejuvenate the skin.

  • Microneedling

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. It is done with the help of small sterilised needles which punctures the skin surface. It will increase collagen production in the body. You will get clear skin in just a few sessions.

  • Dermabrasion

In dermabrasion, a dermatologist uses a rotating device to remove the upper layer of the skin. After the dermabrasion, your skin will become reddish or swelling may occur. It is a less invasive treatment and requires a little downtime. You will need a few sessions of it to get the desired results.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the Laser Scar Removal treatment, it will take a few days for recovery; the recovery time also depends on the type of treatment selected. If you want to recover timely without any side effects, follow the after-care instructions. Some of the instructions given by the best dermatologist are as follows:

  • Use cold compresses to minimise swelling
  • Avoid applying makeup or any skin care product for the first 24 hours
  • Do not touch the treatment area unnecessarily
  • Please do not pick the scab as it can cause scarring
  • Apply sunblock before going out
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for the first two days as it can cause sensitivity


The cost of Laser Scar Removal in Islamabad is different for every person as it depends on factors such as type of laser treatment, number of sessions, type of scar, treatment area and location of the clinic. Consult our team if you are willing to know the exact cost.

Final Thoughts!

If you have too many scars on your face or any other part of the body. You do not need to take tension now because, with the help of a laser, you can get flawless skin in no time. If you are dreaming of getting clear skin by removing scars, book an appointment now with the best dermatologist. They will help you to restore your skin in a comfortable environment  Dynamic Clinic uses the latest equipment and F.D.A.-approved devices to give you desired results in no time.