Dynamic Clinic Pakistan has devised a patient policy which is directed to all patients when they come for their initial visit. This policy ensures protection of the patient and surgeon both to get best results from any procedure that is performed.

Patient Photographs

Photographs will be taken during the surgery for the doctor to check progress over time. These pictures will go in the medical record and they are considered sensitive information. Upon the patient’s consent, these photographs will be shared on our website.


Dynamic Clinic Pakistan does not entertain minors and none of the services provided at the facility are fit for or at intended at minors.

Storage of Medical Records

Electronic details of all records are kept and notes made by the doctor during consultation and visits are also held. Every detail that is crucial to the patient’s health is contained in this medical record.

Disclosure of Medical Condition

Dynamic Clinic Pakistan will conduct blood tests and other related tests to check for any condition that could render cosmetic surgery harmful to the patient. However, the patient is liable to disclose any individual need, medical history or condition to the concerned doctor before the procedure to avoid any unpleasant side effect.

Consent Form

All patients have to sign a consent form before the procedure. The risks and complications of the concerned procedure will be written on the form to make the patient aware.

Holding or Records

Patient records will be help by Dynamic Clinic Pakistan for a certain period after which they will be destroyed. During this period, the records will not be shared with any third party. You can request access to your medical information at the clinic. Access in only denied in circumstances where patient access to the medical records could cause any harm to the patient’s physical or mental health.