Dimple Creation Surgery Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Your appearance matters a lot. If you are looking good, your confidence level will be high. That is the reason people have surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatments in order to look better than their natural look. People go for different cosmetic surgeries, some of these are complex and some are simple

Everyone wants to look attractive. And it is clear that a smile with a dimple is more attractive than the simple one. Most people think that having a dimple is cute, it can brighten your smile. In the past, only a few people were gifted with a simple, but in the modern age, everyone can have a dimple. It is because of Dimple Creation Surgery Karachi, Islamabad & Pakistan which is also called dimpleplasty, after having this treatment anyone can have a dimple.

What is dimple?

Dimple is an indentation on the cheek or on chin also termed as gelasin. It makes you look beautiful and attractive when you are smile with Whitening Teeth. It is a natural mark not everyone can have this.  But now everyone can have this with dimple creation surgery.

Is Dimple Creation treatment a complex treatment?

If we compare it with other surgeries it is a simple kind of surgery with a simple procedure. It is not a painful procedure so you will be comfortable and awake during the whole procedure. It does not take more than 20 minutes. You can go to your home just after having the treatment and can continue your daily activities.

The depth, size, and shape of dimple vary with the thickness of the skin, the content of fats in the skin, shape of face and balance of facial muscle. You can have a detailed meeting with your doctor about what you want and what you can have from this treatment. He will suggest you the location and right dimple for you. You can also suggest the location where you want dimple.

What do you need to do after surgery?

It does not interfere with chewing or eating so you can enjoy soft food after a few hours of having surgery. In case you are suffering from the pain, your doctor will suggest mild medication. Although most patients can make it even without medication. You need to be careful about your mouth hygiene, clean it with antiseptic gargle.

What is the Recovery Time Period?

As it is a simple procedure so the recovery time period is very short. You can continue your regular activities on the morning following Dimple Creation Surgery Karachi, Islamabad & Pakistan. You may suffer from mild bruising or swelling for a few days. During initial stages, dimple may is present even if you are not smiling but after several days or weeks, it will disappear and will only appear when you smile.

What are some complications?

It is a safe and simple treatment. But just like other surgical treatments it also has some complication and bleeding is one of them. Chances of complications are less if the surgeon is skilled enough. Infection is rare and antibiotics are used to keep it minimal. There is a chance of nerve injury which can result in the weakness of facial muscles nut this is also rare and if happens can recover within a few weeks. Sometimes hyperpigmentary or scarring changes may occur.

Final thoughts:

Dimple creation surgery Islamabad Pakistan can help you in looking attractive. Just before having treatment, consult your Cosmetologist doctor. He can guide you properly regarding the treatment and can suggest to you whether you should have this treatment or not and what will be consequences. You may have to face some complications but these are mild and can be dealt with prescribed medications by the doctor. So make up your mind and go for it. Choose the right clinic for having this treatment.