Hair Transplant

If you want to look good, improve your hair volume with effective results at a reasonable cost. With us, you will never have hair-raising experiences!

Nowadays, people are entering into a new decade with many advanced lifestyles and prefer attractive personalities. If you are of them who is experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, and other hair-related problems, you have to choose a hair transplant. After that, you will never face any hair-related issues and concerns. This article will cover all informative things related to hair transplantation, its results, and procedure types for your future benefit.

The Cost of Hair Transplant:

Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad Pakistan ranges between 70,000 PKR to 500,000 PKR. Procedures like hair transplanting are the type of cosmetic treatments that most insurance companies don’t cover. Also, it is a very delicate and complicated surgery and can’t be performed cheaply. So, if you are going to pay a considerable amount, it will give you accurate results.

  • 1500 grafts cost ranges between 70,000 PKR to 100,000 PKR approximately
  • 2500 grafts cost ranges between 90,000 PKR to 140,000 PKR approximately
  • 3000 grafts cost ranges between 100,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR approximately
  • 4000 grafts cost ranges between 120,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR approximately
  • 5000 grafts cost ranges between 150,000 PKR to 250,000 PKR approximately
  • 10000 grafts cost ranges between 4,00.000 PKR to 6,00,000 PKR approximately

About Hair Transplantation: 

It is a minimally invasive procedure that comes under cosmetic treatments. It is performed as the hair follicles will be extracted from the healthy side of the head called the donor site and transplanted at the bald or empty areas of the scalp called the recipient site. The hair specialist can extract hair from any part of the body if the scalp hair is not healthy. It is also used for any type of transplantation like eyebrows, eyelashes, or beard, etc. most of the hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. After hair transplantation, the growth of hair will be natural and long-lasting time.

Before & After Transplantation Results: 

According to Dynamic Clinic, we provide practical and long-lasting results in hair transplantation, as you can see below the client results. It depends on patient to patient because some will start to grow their hair within 4 to 6 months, and others will have to wait at least 10 to 12 months to obtain complete results. It may require multiple sittings for achieving desired outcomes.

Hair Transplant FUE and FUT:

Generally, Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan is performed under two methods: FUE stands for “Follicular unit extraction”. It is portrayed as the hair follicles are extracted from the healthy donor site and inserted/implanted at the bald or empty area of the scalp. Another effective method is FUT that is known as the strip method as well. It is performed as the hair follicle strip will be extracted from the backside of the scalp and placed on the treated area skillfully. However, both techniques are used for the transplantation of hair.

How Many Grafts Required For a Hair Transplant? 

Everyone is not the same; Different patients have different requirements of grafts according to their needs. It is impossible to count yourself how many grafts you require, your empty area, and the thin hair area. For self-assessment to know about hair fall, use a thumb rule or comb your hair with your hands.
Moreover, your dermatologist will examine the bald or empty area when you come for consulting and let you know about the current condition.

How Grafts Calculate According to Your Requirement? 

The practitioner will examine the bald or empty area’s size of the scalp and let you know about the number of grafts. Usually, these grafts are calculated as 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, and 5000. These are used to cover the scalp according to the size of the bald area. Your dermatologist will let you know that how many grafts you have required to fulfill the bald spot.

How Many Procedures Are Needed For a Hair Transplant?

Primarily, the Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan is performed within one procedure, and many patients prefer a single process compared to multiple sessions. Sometimes, patients have a small bald area to have a hair transplant, which will be performed within 4 to 6 hours, but if you have a large area to cover by transplanted hair, it will take more hours or be divided into multiple sessions.
It may depend on the number of grafts, some of the hair transplant experts prefer single sessions, and some perform multiple sessions. When you divided your hair transplantation procedure into multiple sittings, it will help you out financially as well. You can easily manage your budget for the treatment by breaking the process into two sittings or more.

FUE vs. FUT: 

According to our clinic, these two are performed as hair transplanting techniques. The most advanced method is FUE as compared to FUT. Because in the FUT method, the scar will be seen at the backside of the scalp clearly even after the procedure and can only cover the growing hair. In FUE, there will be a tiny incision and easily can be covered with hair. Some people prefer their hairstyles and can’t have a permanent scar, but some can easily choose FUT because they don’t care about the scar. Sometimes, FUE is considered more beneficial. Both are minimally invasive, and the main difference is their way of performance.

Advantages of FUT and FUE:

A hair transplant treatment is valuable; there are a lot of benefits of this procedure. The main advantage is that it is life-changing surgery. In hair transplantation techniques, both have their own advantages. Some of them are mentioned below as separately.

  • FUT: In this method, it is used to perform for those patients who need many grafts on their treated area for full coverage. Its main benefit is to provide maximum fullness. There will be no need to shave the treated area, and it is a painless procedure. It is performed in a short time as compared to FUE and offers low cost.
  • FUE: In this method, there will be no scar shown after the recovery because it only leaves tiny dots on the scalp, recovering after some time. This technique is excellent and suitable for those who are conscious about their looks. Also, it is an effective and painless treatment option for young age patients.

Therefore, both are effective and provide long-lasting results after a specific time. It improved the appearance because they feel deceived by their baldness. Such a procedure fills the bald areas with hair that is naturally growing. This will helps them to feel more desirable and confident.
The hair transplant treatment is a safe and permanent cure for people suffering from balding patches and extreme hair loss.
For maintaining the volume of hair, there are no special chemicals or shampoos needed. The proceeding is a single operation. It is necessary to remember.
It is a cost-saving procedure because, while certain hair restoration operations are always a little expensive, hair transplantation is not. It is because this process can be a one-time operation, unlike other solutions. You won’t have to waste money on more journeys to see a doctor continuously.

Candidacy Criteria for hair transplantation:

It is very important for hair transplantation to fulfill the candidacy criteria to know whether you are eligible or not. If you are a good candidate, you will get successful results without any complications. When you go for a consultation session, your practitioner will let you know about it. The ideal candidates for the procedure are mentioned below:

  • For those who prefer minimally invasive procedures.
  • An ideal treatment option for those candidates who are experiencing thin hair.
  • If you are ultimately experiencing baldness.
  • It can cover the area where the injury or burn happens.
  • Lose hair due to chemotherapy.
  • Good for those who have healthy donor sites and have tight scalp.
  • A person should be 18 above.


According to our clinic, preparation is necessary before the procedure. In an initial consultation session, the dermatologist will examine the bald or empty area and recommend you a suitable method for a procedure. Also, the practitioner will prescribe few adequate instructions related to the preparation of treatment, and you have to follow them accordingly. Some are mentioned below:

  • Do not take blood thinners or any type of medication without asking your dermatologist.
  • It may require few tests like blood tests and hair pulling etc.
  • Try to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t consume supplements like vitamins etc., before the treatment.
  • Do not trim your hair by yourself before the surgery.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy food.

Success Rate of Hair restoration procedures:

The only way to say goodbye to hair fall for men or women with hair loss with a hair transplant. The reason is that after a hair transplant has been completed, hair will never fall out of the affected areas. You’re no longer going to get hairlines or bald spots. Statistics show a very high success rate for hair transplant procedures. The results will be 97% successful, and you will observe within a specific time.

According to our clinic, we deliver long-lasting and effective outcomes. Generally, it depends on person to person because some of the hair transplanted patients get complete results within 10 to 12 months, and few of them obtained later. A patient should have to wait and maintain the patience level for growing hair as it will last for a long time.

Aftercare instructions:

Post-care instructions are essential to follow after the surgery because of the speedy recovery. Your practitioner will prescribe you some adequate instructions according to your health and surgery. After surgery in the areas affected, it needs only minimum maintenance. Some of the standard aftercare instructions are mentioned below:

  • Do not go out in the direct sunlight because the light rays will affect the treated area, and it will get worst with any type of infection. If you need to go out in an emergency or an important concern, wear a loose hat that will protect your scalp.
  • Hair washing is a must thing to do after 48 hours of the procedure, and your practitioner will instruct you about how to wash the treated area carefully. The treated area must be clean and free of dirt. After that, dry your head with a hygienic towel, but do not forcefully rub the area.
  • After a few days of transplantation, a patient may feel mild discomfort. It’s a delicate surgery, and some people claim that sleeping the first is difficult after the procedure. Moreover, pain is expected in the donor area than in the treated area. An aftercare instructions plan can help relieve the pain by pain killers. You’re going to get painkillers from your dermatologist.
  • Swelling is expected; more frequently, it happens for significant treatment and transplantation where a lot of hairlines have been performed. Swelling will appear at the forehead area and sometimes around the eyes at least for 2 to 4 days, and it will disappear within few days. Use ice packs to comfort yourself.
  • Itching is very normal that will be discomfort. It can occur seven days after surgery over the scalp. In most cases, itching indicates a recovery of the tissue. 
  • Sleep in the recommended position because it is necessary to reach the reception areas as little as possible. Try to sleep in against the position of the treated area.
  • You can begin a walk or do physical activities immediately after hair transplantation that don’t make you sweat much. After the ten days of operation, you can already start actively. Shortly after training, a shower is advised to reduce the risk of infection.

Healing process:

Healing is fast after the hair transplantation; many candidates feel better within a day or two days after surgery, although a slight scalp sore will be felt for several days. The treated and donor areas will show punctate root tubes, which can be seen for around 6 to 8 days at the backside of the head. In the ordinary course of 10 to 15 days after, the candidate gets its normal appearance. After this time, only mild redness could be seen.

Patients with a light complexion can experience long periods of redness following therapy, whereas patients with darker hair appear to heal faster. Overall, recovery from hair transplantation is a very personal operation, depending on the patient’s age, lifestyle, diet, and even environment.

How long will they remain?

The outcomes will remain effective for a lifetime. It depends on the skills of a dermatologist who performed your surgery effectively and turned on the aftercare plan that will provide you with a speedy recovery. So, it depends on person to person, but mostly every patient got successful results. It is sporadic to lose hair after hair transplantation.

Are the transplanted hair get thin by age?

Another most frequently asked the question is, are the hairs get thin even after the transplantation as you get older? Probably, it will get thin as you get older because it is a natural factor. All the human system cells are subject to the processing of cell senescence, and hair transplanted cells are no exception. As a result, the implanted hairs will not fall, but they will usually get thin when you get older.

Cost-affecting Factors of Hair Transplant:

After knowing about the average Cost of hair transplant, several implemented cost factors can affect your Cost variously. These are mentioned below with little details.

Location of the clinic:

Many people travel from one place/city to another for hair transplanting. Mostly those people travel who don’t have a reputable and well-known clinic nearby them. It is an essential factor to choose a trustworthy clinic. This cost factor will affect your Cost with traveling expenses for treatment.

Choice of FUE or FUT:

Both techniques are transplanting of hair techniques, but they offer different price rates in performance. FUT has additional Cost, and FUE has others. After selecting the method, you will know the new Cost of the treatment according to the chosen method. It is also an affecting factor of the treatment.

The Number of Hair Transplant Grafts Required:

Especially in FUE, it is the most crucial factor in understanding how many grafts you need and how they will affect the Cost. The Cost will be also discussed after knowing that how many grafts a patient requires. If it has to cover a small area or a significant area, the Cost will charge you differently. For example:

Several Sessions Required:

It is rare to have multiple sessions, but also it is performed for those patients who need complete coverage or want to divide their treatment into various sessions. It will affect your Cost if you require more sessions for fixing your treated area.

Clinical surgeon fee:

Hair transplantation is not a simple surgery but a very delicate and complicated procedure that experienced and skillful surgeons/dermatologists can only perform. This factor will affect your Cost for selecting an expert surgeon for your treatment. We advise not to trust an inexperienced person who will perform the worst procedure and graft implantation in such cases. Also, a board-certified person charges you a little more as compared to an ordinary surgeon.

Is it Worth Having a Hair Transplant?

Many people ask this common question in hair transplantation surgery, is it worth having transplantation of hair? Yes, of course, if you are experiencing baldness or thin hair affecting your lifestyle and emotions, it is an ideal option for you to get rid of such issues. It will completely change your life with long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Are the Top Hair Transplant Surgeons of June 2021 in Islamabad?

The top and ranking hair transplant surgeons of June 2021 are Doctor Naveed Azhar and Doctor Zara. They both are experienced and board-certified surgeons with their expertise.

How Can I book an Appointment With a Hair Transplant Surgeon in Islamabad?

If you want to schedule an appointment with a hair transplant Surgeon in Islamabad, click here or call us at 0512656491 from 9 AM to 8 PM to book your appointment.

Does Hair Transplant Last Forever?

Yes, of course, it will last forever because healthy hair follicles will be transplanted into the thin or bald areas of the scalp. Moreover, it would be best if you took good care of your new hair.

How Long It Will Take to Grow Hair Back?

After one to two months of surgery, you will notice new hair growing back in the treated area. It might be different in texture and color than before.

Why Choose Dynamic Clinic Pakistan?

We, Dynamic, will give both of our patients a technical and personal approach. Our dermatologists and experts in hair transplantation are rich in experience and have been collaborating for many years. We are specialists in hair, beard, and eyebrow surgery and other leading non-sururgical hair loss procedures, including Scalp Micro Pigmentation, at our center.

Final Words!

Therefore, all the information is adequate and related able while considering a hair transplanting treatment. You have to check all these conditions which are mentioned above for your knowledge. Further, if you want to undergo an effective hair restoration treatment, feel free to consult Dynamic Clinic. We will provide long-lasting results with a lot of noticeable changes and benefits.

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