4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad

If you are worried about your baldness and are considering a hair transplant, graft surgery can help you. Moreover, this surgery can change your look naturally. Therefore, learn about 4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad to decide wisely. However, it is the best option because it works naturally and lasts long. Moreover, having bald spots on our heads can make us feel less confident and lower our self-esteem.

Furthermore, this kind of treatment can help people who want to treat their baldness. Additionally, several things, such as the number of patches, can change how much its costs. Moreover, Dynamic Clinic PK offers this advanced treatment. 

What is 4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant?

A surgery that moves hair cells from one part of the body to an area where the follicle is falling out or becoming thin. Moreover, when discussing this treatment, the number of grafts refers to the separate hair cells being moved.

A Hair Transplant With 4000 Grafts:

A 4000 graft procedure takes about 4000 follicles from the source area. Furthermore, people normally donate from the back or sides of their heads, where growth is genetically resistant to baldness. Putting these grafts into places where hair is falling out takes great care.

A Hair Transplant With 5,000 Grafts:

To the same extent, a 5000 patches process includes taking out and replanting about 5000 strands. Therefore, people losing a lot of hair or having big areas of thinned strand are usually told to get this higher graft count.

How To Do a Hair Transplant:

An FUE procedure uses a punch tool to remove one follicular unit at a time, each having one to four strands. Moreover, the grafts are then put into the target area, leaving behind very small scars that are hard to see.

In FUT, a piece of hair is cut off from the source area so that individual follicular units can be removed. Furthermore, inserting the collected units into the receiver spot is necessary.

Who Is a Good Candidate for It?

How much is the loss there is and how much coverage you want will determine whether 4000 or 5000 grafts are best. Therefore, to figure out the right graft amount for each case, it is important to have a full meeting with an experienced transplant expert.

Both treatments have the same healing time. However, the transferred hair falls out within a few weeks, and new groeth starts to improve after a few months. Similarly, it could take up to a year for the full results to show up. Moreover, when you get a transplant, even with 4000 or 5000 grafts, the goal is to give you results that look normal and last a long time. It helps areas of hair loss become denser.

4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad:

Generally, 4000 & 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad ranges between 120,000 PKR to 250,000 PKR. Individually,  For 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad ranges between 120,000 PKR – 200,000 PKR . Whereas,  5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad ranges between 150,000 PKR – 250,000 PKR. However, it is different for everyone. Therefore, for the exact price, you need to visit a hair transplant surgeon at Dynamic Clinic PK. Certain factors define the cost of treatment.

Things That Affect the Price:

The Number of Grafts: The number of donors needed for the transplant is the main factor that affects the price. A session with fewer grafts, like 4,000 or 5,000, will cost less than one with more grafts.

Trustworthiness and Skill of the Clinic: The trustworthiness and skill of the clinic and the surgeon donating are very important. Because their treatments have been successful, established clinics with skilled doctors may charge higher fees.

Location: Where the center is located can affect the price. Medical treatments, like hair transplants, may have different price rates in different areas or towns.

Aspects of the Facility: The clinic’s features and perks can affect the total cost. Brand new facilities have a lot of technology and are comfortable and may charge more.

Expertise of the Surgeon: The proficiency and skill of the surgeon operating affect the price. A surgeon with a lot of skill and knowledge can charge more.

Consult With an Expert Surgeon:

Consulting with an expert surgeon at Dynamic Clinic PK can help you get excellent results. Dr Naveed Azhar, a renowned surgeon, will help you get the desired results with advanced technology. Moreover, during the first appointment, you should discuss a comprehensive treatment plan that includes the suggested amount of grafts to better understand how much your case will cost.


Understanding what affects the cost of a 4000 or 5000 grafts hair transplant in Islamabad gives people the power to make smart choices. When considering such a life-changing surgery, you should put experience, the clinic’s name, and individual care ahead of cost for a successful and happy result.