Breast Augmentation in islamabad & Pakistan

What is AFT Breast Surgery?

AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan or Autologous fat transfer is a breast enhancement method in which fats from one part of the body are transferred to the breasts. This technique has become one famous method for breast enhancement. It has been observed almost every second woman in our society wants to increase her breast size. Women, who have small breasts, feel that they aren’t a complete woman. Such women look for different breast enhancement methods. Some of these women try different breast enhancement pills while some go for breast cream. All of these methods can have side effects and are not suitable for every woman. It’s not only the size of the breast women also want to achieve perfect breast shape. Autologous fat transfer also helps in improving the breast shape and its symmetry.

How Autologous Fat Transfer is Done?

For Autologous Breast Augmentation treatment, you must consult with a professional doctor first. You need to guide the doctor about your breast tissue. As AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad Pakistan or Autologous fat transfer is not ideal for women of any age. Once your doctor or surgeons recommend this procedure you can go for autologous fat transfer treatment. In this method, a fat area of your body is chosen as a donor area. From this chosen donor part of the body, the surgeon will use the fats present there. A donor area can be nearly any fat or thick part of your including hips and thighs. The fat will be transferred to your breast and will be done under the supervisor of a professional surgeon.

Benefits of Autologous Fat Transfer

1: No Complications

Nowadays, there are a number of breast enhancement methods available for women to choose from. Most of these breast enhancement methods have some side effects due to which women hesitate to go through these techniques.  The good thing about the autologous fat transfer method is that it has no complications and has minimum side effects. As it’s a fat transfer method only, nothing complicated is required for this procedure. This is the main reason for the popularity of the autologous fat transfer method.

2: Improves Your Breast Shape As Well

Women also want to achieve the perfect shape of their breasts. Apart from the size of the breast, the shape is another important aspect that determines the overall beauty of the breasts. Autologous Fat Transfer or Breast Augmentation method helps you reshape your breast. You can make your saggy breasts tighter and beautiful. Due to Multiple advantages, autologous fat transfer has become an ideal beast enhancement method.

3: A Natural Breast Enhancement

The autologous fat transfer method uses your body’s own fats and its tissues for enhancing your breast’s size and shape. No, any implants are used in this breast lift-up method. This is the reason why it is considered a natural breast enhancement method. Your own body fats are utilized for increasing your breast size and shape.

Cons of Autologous Fat Transfer

1: Small Breast Increase

The autologous fat transfer method cannot produce a miracle for you. Yes, it does increase your breast size but to an extent only. We need to understand that it’s a natural breast enhancement method so we can’t expect anything too much from this technique. It has become one of the cons because women demands have increased now. They want to increase their breast size by a huge margin. Those huge breasts increase are not possible with the autologous fat transfer method.

2: Not For Every Woman

This breast enhancement technique is only suitable for those ladies who are healthy and have an adequate amount of fats on their bodies. As your own body fats are required for this breast enhancement method. You cannot rely on other body fats and it’s not even recommended by Surgeons. Therefore, those women who are skinny or don’t have that much fat on their body cannot opt for autologous fat transfer breast augmentation.

3: It’s an Expensive Surgery

The right AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is definitely going to cost a bit more than ordinary methods. With Autologous fat transfer, you get the perfect shape for your breast. The Surgeon Fee and the treatment charges aren’t that cheap. If you want to go through an autologous fat transfer breast enhancement method, you need some extra cash for sure.