Dermal Filler injections in Islamabad

Having Dermal Fillers Injections in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan has gained much popularity as a form of treatment since they first got introduced internationally. The introduction of fillers has shaped modern dermatology. Such a treatment promises great results for aging, sagged or dull skin types. The best part about these filler injections is that they come with zero side effects. Below we mention the main reasons to invest in dermal fillers as a treatment option.

Types of Dermal Filler Injections:

Dermally injectable fillers have five types, mainly:

  • Hyaluronic-based fillers.
  • Collagen-based dermal fillers.
  • Fat injections.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent dermal fillers.

Ideal Candidates:

Many skin issues can be resolved by the use of Botox and dermal fillers injections at our clinic. You’re an ideal candidate for such treatment if you fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

  • You are a nonsmoker.
  • You have fine lines developing on your lips.
  • You have lines present on your eye area, mouth, and nose.
  • You have some minor skin deformities on your nose.
  • Your chin is receding.
  • Your cheeks are not full of volume as well as your lips.
  • You possess sound physical as well as mental health.
  • You realistically expect good outcomes from this treatment.

Preparation for Dermal Fillers Treatments:

In order to be fully ready for our Dermal Fillers Injections in Islamabad, Rawalpindi &Pakistan– follow these steps:

  • Use a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or above when going outdoors.
  • Do not be excessively exposed to the sun.
  • Discontinue the use of Fish Oil and Vitamin-E supplements.
  • Avoid taking over-the-counter blood-thinning medications.
  • Take medicines that are only prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not use sunbeds and do not indulge in sunbaths.


This type of treatment is very brief and may take 15 minutes to be completed. But often it may take more than an hour to finish if it is required on more than one area. The procedure of fillers is mentioned below:

STEP 1: Your face is evaluated.

STEP 2: The treatment areas are cleaned.

STEP 3: Local anesthesia is administered.

STEP 4: A small amount of fillers is injected into the required site.

STEP 5: The treated site is massaged with markings cleaned off.

Benefits of Getting Fillers:

Getting Botox and Injectable Fillers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan has many benefits for aging, flabby skin that has become duller over time. Here are a few notable benefits:

  • This treatment is very safe.
  • It completely removes aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines.
  • The results last for six months till a year or two years.
  • It is noninvasive.
  • It is nonsurgical.
  • It is cheap in cost.
  • It gives a youthful appearance.
  • This treatment is for all skin types.


The downtime after surgery is very less. You can resume your daily tasks soon after your treatment ends. But you may suffer from a few temporary side effects, including:

  • Minor swelling and bruises.
  • Inflamed, red and numb treated area.
  • Experience minor pain.
  • Slight uneasiness.
  • The treated site gets irregular in appearance.

Post Treatment Care:

This treatment is not much sophisticated, the patient can continue their daily life tasks from the same day but the patient is required to take the following instructions after having fillers:

  • Keep the treated area clean.
  • Not itch or touch the treated area.
  • Not get any sun exposure for some time.

Cost of Fillers at Dynamic Clinic:

It is necessary to know that fillers are performed in a reasonable cost range. The average cost of Fillers in Islamabad starts from 30,000 PKR to 45,000 PKR. Also, it can perform in multiple sessions so you need to talk to your dermatologist. However, there are several factors that can raise the cost of the treatment, such as:
• The expert dermatologist’s fee.
• Location and reputation of the clinic.
• Number of fillers shoots.
• Type of Material.
• Other supporting charges.
Moreover, it is important to talk with your dermatologist if you are willing to consider this treatment. If you want to ask more about cost-related queries then visit our clinic.

Free Consultation:

We have selected a team of qualified doctors to help you get back your youthful glow in just a few minutes. You can book a free consultation with one of our doctors of Dynamic Cosmetic Injectable, just dial us up on the given number or fill our online form so that we may contact you soon! Make your choice and we wish you all the best for getting back the life you wanted.