Freckles and Blemishes in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Freckles and blemishes are mostly seen in fair skin people. They are formed due to the overproduction of melanin by the body. They can be seen on the neck, arms and face or in the area exposed to the sun for a long time. Freckles can also occur due to genetics. But it is mainly triggered by exposure to sunlight. If you want to get rid of these brown spots and are not happy with them. Then there are a variety of Freckles and Blemishes Treatments in Islamabad. Read the following article to learn about the causes and treatment of blemishes and freckles.

Symptoms of Freckles and Blemishes:

Following are some signs and symptoms of freckles and blemishes:

  • The colour and texture of skin have changed
  • Blotches formation on the skin
  • The brown spots appear in the summer and fade away in winter
  • Darkening of the skin in certain areas
  • Acne cysts, blackheads or white heads can give rise to blemishes


There are various causes of freckles and blemishes. Some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • Exposure to sunlight for a long time
  • Skin conditions
  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Due to a family history
  • Increased production of melanin
  • Fair colour of the skin

Expected Results:

You can start noticing the results after a few sessions of the treatment. The results also depend on the type of treatment selected. At a Dynamic Clinic, dermatologists try their best to give you the desired results. Choose a skilled dermatologist if you want the best results without side effects.

Preparation Before The Treatment:

The skin care expert will guide you on how to take care of the skin before the treatment. If you do not want to face side effects, follow the instructions. Some instructions given by the best dermatologist are as follows:

  • You should avoid excessive sun exposure to prevent tanning and more freckles on the skin
  • Apply sunblock after every 2 hours if you are going out
  • Do not shave or wax the treatment area before one week of the treatment
  • Avoid unnecessary touching of the treatment area
  • Do not scratch the blemishes and freckles before the treatment
  • Avoid smoking and drinking before one week of the treatment

Treatment Options:

We have different types of Freckles and Blemishes Treatment in Islamabad, from topical creams to laser treatments. Following are some famous treatments:

  • Medicines and Topical Creams:

The doctor will examine your condition and may perform some tests. If the cause of freckles and blemishes is hormonal changes, then he may prefer oral medications. On the other hand, topical creams and serums like hyaluronic acid and kojic acid are used for lightening the skin freckles. But the results will remain until you use the serums. If you stop using the medicated creams and serums, the results will fade away.

  • Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels are an effective treatment for the removal of freckles. In this treatment, medium-depth chemical peels like glycolic acid are applied to the skin, peeling off the damaged layer of the skin, thus revealing healthy and glowy skin. You will see the results in just one session. Some of the side effects of chemical peels are swelling, pain and redness.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing:

In this treatment, the dermatologist uses laser light to remove the targeted area of the skin. It removes the damaged layer of the skin, thus revealing your youthful and glowy skin. Your skin texture and quality improve. All the freckles and blemishes will fade away. After this treatment, you will get optimal results.

  • Cryosurgery:

As brown spots are the abnormal cells which are caused due to increased production of melanin. Cryosurgery is a treatment to destroy abnormal cells by freezing the skin cells with the help of liquid nitrogen. It is a safe and effective procedure to get rid of blemishes. It can also cause scarring if performed by an unprofessional doctor.

Recovery Time:

The recovery time is very short. You can return to your daily activities on the same day. But it is important to take care of your skin properly to avoid complications or side effects. You may notice skin sensitivity, but it will fade away in a few days. 

What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

The benefits of freckles and blemishes are as follows:

  • These are non-surgical techniques
  • A very short time is required for recovery
  • No anaesthesia and cuts are required
  • It has less or no side effects
  • The treatment requires less than an hour
  • You will get natural and long-lasting results

Ways to Prevent Freckles and Blemishes:

To prevent freckles and blemishes, you should use sunblock to avoid penetration of U.V. rays in the skin as excessive sun exposure increases the production of melanin in the body. It causes freckles on the face and body. Blemishes can be prevented if you do not scratch your acne or blackheads. Take proper skin care and exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead cells.


The cost of Freckles and Blemishes Treatment in Islamabad starts from PKR 15,000. The price may fluctuate for everyone as it depends on some factors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Number of sessions
  • Fees of a skilled surgeon
  • Type of treatment
  • Condition of the skin
  • Location of the clinic

Book An Appointment:

If the freckles and blemishes on the skin disturb you, you can go for treatment. It is not necessary to get the treatment as it depends on the personal choice of the patient. Book an appointment by filling out the form and experience a comfortable skin restoration. You can also discuss your treatment concerns with our team. They will guide you properly.