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Are you sick of seeing folds, shadows, or flaws instead of the confidence you should feel in your appearance? It could be the case that your numerous cosmetic treatments could not give you a lasting effect. Fortunately, a groundbreaking solution could change how you feel about your appearance: Fat Injection in Islamabad. Unlike quick repair, face fat transfer has the permanent and natural effect of making your skin look young, smoothing wrinkles, and filling spots. Whether you consider the fat transfer process for facial rejuvenation or body contouring, At Dynamic Clinic, you will finally have everything to make you look and feel good.

What is fat injection?

Fat injection (autologous fat transfer, cosmetic fat injections, or, metaphorically, lipofilling) is a surgical cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of a part of your body by using fat. The process uses excess fat from frequent sites like the abdomen or the thighs through a minimally invasive liposuction method. After separation from the fat, the oil goes through hydraulic presses to retain the fluid. However, these chemicals cause impurities, resulting in excess fluids.

The fat is then injected into the spot where it is purified and requires attention, such as the face, breast, buttocks, and hands. The implanted fat offers volume and enhances the contour, perpetuating a fresh and youthful facial look.

This makes fat grafting preferred to other fillers, as it uses natural muscle from your body, reducing the chances of allergies and rejection. Also, the deformities appearing after fat transfer are usually long-term, which means they will not be temporary.

How Does It Work?

The major purpose of fat transplantation in tissue augmentation procedures is to fill and shape particular regions of the body. During the process, fat is collected from donor sites using liposuction, and then it is cleaned and injected into areas that require augmentation, such as the face, breasts, buttocks, and hands.

When injected, those fat cells eventually take on the environment and become permanently added to the tissue structure, giving a natural “fullness” over time. This internal mechanism of fat shaping ensures the new body’s appearance is highly aesthetic and durable. Fat injection works by replacing lost volume and optimizing the contour to maintain a rejuvenating and attractive appearance for patients with a natural look, which usually improves well-being.

Who Can Get Fat Injection?

The ideal patient for Face Fat Transfer operations is usually a person who is healthy in a good way and has reasonable expectations about the goals. It also includes;

  • Enough fat to be harvested.
  • A non-smoker or a smoker who is willing to quit smoking.
  • Compliance with pre and post-surgical instructions is a must.
  • Consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon for candidacy evaluation.

How is Fat Injection Done?

The fat injection procedure carries some key steps to achieve a superior result.

  1. Before the initiation of the surgical operation, anaesthesia is usually given to numb the donor and recipient areas. Sometimes, patients may need sedation or general anaesthesia to suit their comfort.
  2. The surgeon gathers fat from donor areas, including the abdomen and thighs, using a tiny cannula attached to a syringe through small incisions.
  3. The fat taken from the patient is processed to ensure that only viable fat cells, free from impurities, excess fluids, and damaged cells, are injected.
  4. The thin needles can inject purified fat into targeted areas that need enhancement, such as the face, chest, backside, or hands. The surgeon meticulously performs the procedure and homogeneously distributes the fat supply to achieve the required volume and shape.
  5. After the fat injection, the incisions are closed with sutures or adhesive strips, and the compression garment may be used to reduce swelling and promote healing.

Aftercare Tips Following Injection: 

Good after-operative care and support are highly recommended after the fat injection in the operating room to get the best possible outcome.

  • One may experience minor swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort for a little while after the lipo.
  • Ice packs can also be used on the injured areas to reduce the swelling and make them more comfortable.
  • Follow all the post-operative instructions your surgeon gives you. These could include wearing compression clothing and avoiding vigorous activities.
  • A balanced diet, lots of water, and avoiding smoking help to quicken the healing rate and increase the results of non-surgical skin rejuvenation. 

Benefits of Fat Injection in Islamabad:

Fat Injection provides several clinics that other cosmetic procedures cannot fill the facial and body deficiencies.

  1. Natural Results: 

Fat Injection utilizes the fat that our body preserves to add volume and correct shape. This results in a natural look that never leaves any traces because it seamlessly blends with other tissues and volume.

  1. Long-lasting Effects: 

Unlike temporary fillers, which require several treatments to gain results, fat injection provides long-term positive effects. Next, the transplanted fat cells will be supplied with blood via the target areas, which may provide lasting enhancement for years.

  1. Versatility: 

Through fat injections, various body parts can also be augmented, such as the face, breasts, and bottoms, thus facilitating the use of fat to address multiple beauty issues in just one operation.

  1. Reduced Risk of Allergic Reactions: 

This technique uses the patient’s fat cells; therefore, the risk of allergic reactions or rejection is almost nonexistent, making it a safe and effective option for cosmetic enhancement.

  1. Dual Benefit: 

Besides creating contours, the fat injection provides a sculpture advantage in body shape by treating the donor site with liposuction, allowing the patient to achieve perfect body proportions.

Risks/Side Effects:

Fat injection is normally perceived as safe, but it is included in; hence, it profiles some potential risks and side effects.

  • Infection
  • Asymmetry
  • Fat Resorption
  • Bruising and Swelling
  • Nerve Damage

Before Vs. After:

Before the fat transfer operation in Islamabad, you will probably feel ashamed of the sunken cheeks and lack of facial volume. You would no longer be shy about going in front of the camera; instead, you would present your revived looks anywhere. The fat injection in Islamabad wouldn’t only improve your outlook but furnish you with a heightened self-confidence that will serve you well in your future

Results of face fat transfer in IslamabadImages of face fat transfer in IslamabadBefore after of face fat transfer in Islamabad

Cost of Fat Injection in Islamabad:

The cost of fat injection in Islamabad procedure usually varies between PKR 80,000. The cost will vary per patient because of several factors, but it will likely end up in a specific price range.

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Fat transfer results are permanent. Nevertheless, not all fat cells survive the process. The others will die. Thus, you may fail to obtain the desired volume. It usually takes about 6 months for the newly transplanted fat cells to develop new blood circulation and to get a final result.
You will likely not experience much pain during the fat injections, but you may have some in the two or three days following it. You'll get the painkillers if you need them.
The usual transfer price is between PKR 80,000. The cost will be proportional to the number of fat transfers done, the time spent in the operation and the use of special tools.
They have been used worldwide and are usually considered relatively safe for a trained professional. However, potential side effects and risks should be considered.
FDA reported severe reactions that lead to permanent scars on the skin, serious infections, unusual shapes, cysts, and deep, painful knots witnessed in consumers who received the injections.