Fat Injection | Face Fat Transfer

What better revenge than removing fat from a place where you “do not really need it” and putting it to work, giving it a natural sweetness and a youthful appearance? Or maybe you would like your own fat to be used to give you a fuller, healthier, and more lifted appearance on the cheeks, or to give the lips more roundness and shape? Keep it up

Refreshed Face:

Why not take this Fat Injection in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore and erase the lines and folds around your mouth and create a softer, more refreshed, and more invigorated overall look? Yes, it can be done! Plastic surgeons now use fat to do all these things. Your body fat is natural, soft, hard, and hard, and most of us have at least a little to spare. But cannot you get similar improvements with these fabulous “charges”? Of course, but the more you use, the more you will pay, which could make you spend a few thousand dollars for all these injections. And then you are affected again by these costs (and injections) every few months? This does not seem to be an ideal plan. Implants might be another option, but they are not suitable for all of these areas. There is really nothing in the implant world that is worth it for the lips and lines around the mouth. And cheek implants – they can be infected or move even years after being placed. Grease injection/carving seems to be increasingly the superior, sophisticated and elegant solution to most aging-related facial problems.

A Simple Fact:

The face loses its volume as it ages – and the volume it loses is mainly due to the fat in your face. Restoring this loss with its own fat, in a sculptural and artistic way, literally “restores” the youth of the face. The goal is the “traditional facelift,” where “tightening will be best” it’s not beautiful or attractive. A gentle tightening of loose face and neck skin – with simultaneous fat injection/sculpting to fill, reshape, restore and smooth is a much more desirable and natural aspect.

The Fat is Injected:

It means there are no incisions, no stitches, no sores to heal. Fat can be used even if aging is not the culprit. Fat Injection in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore can be used for thin lips that have always been too thin or for cheeks that have always seemed too flat. Here is the fat to the rescue! What are the disadvantages of this amazing procedure? There is an extra swelling that comes with the injection / fat massage, and all the injected fat will not survive the transfer. Touch-ups are a generally minor procedure so that a larger fat injection can still be done if desired.

Benefits of Fat Injection:

More and more research is proving the long-term cosmetic benefits and benefits of Fat Transfer or fat injection/carving on the face, cheeks, contour of the mouth, and lips. The fat can also be used around the eyes to eliminate this “hollow” look, or even to create an enhanced eyebrow look, without surgery to raise eyebrows! Perhaps you have already heard of the great power of sculpting / injecting fat to enhance and inflate the buttocks as part of a “Brazilian facelift,” but you will probably hear about ongoing studies on the use of fat in a similar way to improve breasts without implants! Until then, please, do not hate your fat. For a plastic surgeon and maybe a day for you, it’s as precious as gold!

Although there are currently nine different injectable synthetic fillers for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles and facial wrinkles, none are permanent. As they are all artificially created materials, the body will eventually absorb or decompose them so that their plumping effect dissipates over time. The fat in your body remains a very attractive injectable filler with its own advantages and disadvantages.