Brazilian butt lift surgery in Islamabad Pakistan

In any body shape, to look attractive and be the center of attraction for others, having a perfect form of buttocks is essential for sure. It makes your body look simply outstanding and curvy for others while walking in the crowd. But some women are not lucky enough to get a big butt! To avail, the great shape of butts, women look for butt lift exercises or even some medications. But there is another solution out for it! Yes, we are talking about “Brazilian butt lift surgery in Karachi, Islamabad Pakistan”.

What is a Brazilian butt lift all about?

A Brazilian butt lift is a form of specialized medical treatment where the fats are transferred from your whole body to your butt section to make it look bulky. In short, additional fat is removed from the body areas of lower back or thighs or even hips and abdomen. This is all done through the treatment of liposuction. This removed portion of the fat amount is later on transferred to the buttocks.

How is Brazilian butt lift surgery performed?

Three necessary steps are part of Brazilian butt lift Karachi, Islamabad & Pakistan, as mentioned below:

  • In the first stage, the fat portion is removed from the areas of lower back or thighs or even hips and abdomen.
  • This removed fat is then, later on, prepared to make it transfer successfully.
  • The surgeon would inject into the buttocks to bring an increase in its volume and increase it’s shaping.

The whole surgery process will be carried out in the dorm of the outpatient procedure. This would involve the use of general anesthesia or even sometimes most often with intravenous sedation and some local anesthesia.

Difference between Brazilian butt lift vs buttock implants?

One of the main benefits of Brazilian butt lift treatment is that it will be increasing the shape of buttock without leading to any implants. A specialist and expert perform it. This process has a low risk of facing any side effects and brings long-lasting results.

If you are too lean and you wish to have extra fats on butts, then choosing a buttock implant is the best option for you.  But before that, you need to be aware of the emerging side effects, risks and how the implant is performed.

Recovery duration of the Brazilian butt lift?

Even though if you are successfully passed through the Buttock lift surgery, you have to continually visit the surgeon for some additional changes during the time of your recovery period!  Pain is quite less in the whole process that can be controlled through some medications or pain killers.  You are not allowed to sit or lie down on your buttocks for at least two weeks after the Cosmetic treatment.