Dr Naveed Azhar trichologist in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

What are the functions of Trichologist in Islamabad?

Trichology is the para-medical science of the hair, hair loss and related scalp problems. It encompasses all about the ailments of the human hair and scalp, all along with the evaluation of the cause(s) and treatment of the disorders.

What does a Trichologist Do?

A Trichologist in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore is a hair transplantation and scalp specialist. They are trained in life science. Hence they appear at hair loss troubles in a holistic way by means of investigating the clients on the basis of private history, lifestyle, and genetic elements and surroundings conditions. Based on this information, a trichologist is capable to recommend character treatments, provide dietary recommendation and propose lifestyle changes to improve the fitness and appearance of the hair and scalp.

When should I contact a Trichologist?

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions of unexpected bald spot, excessive shedding, ordinary thinning, excessive oiliness or dryness, breakage after a chemical service, extreme itching/burning of the scalp, you should contact them instantly.

What are the main problems in which Trichologist Treat?

A trichologist can offer recommendation on any trouble pertaining to the hair or scalp, however some of the most common reasons human beings visit a trichologist/Hair Specialist are:

  • Hair loss

Hair loss is likely the most common reason for patients to seek recommendation from a trichologist. Trichologists can treat stipulations that aim at each male and female hair loss, from androgenic alopecia (female or male sample baldness) to alopecia areata, telogen effluvium or traction alopecia. They additionally offer solutions that will help you to regain both your hair and your confidence.

  • Scalp problems

Diseases of the scalp can vary from dandruff and immoderate oil production to greater inflammatory prerequisites such as seborrhoeic eczema, contact dermatitis or psoriasis.

As with problems of the hair, many of these stipulations are precipitated or inflamed by life-style elements such as poor diet, stress or the use of positive shampoos or hair products.

A trichologist can provide recommendation on treatments for these stipulations as well as changes you should make to your food plan or life-style that may help to alleviate the problem.

  • Hair texture problems

Another reason patients are looking for recommendation from a Best trichologist is for the problems related with the texture of the hair. These are frequently caused via over styling, especially by the warmness or chemical substances interaction of chemical straightening or bleaching, for example, can lead to hair which is dry, broken and brittle. A trichologist in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore can suggest on products which can help to resolve these texture troubles.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Depending on the kind of hair loss you might also be suffering from, there a many elements that can trigger its onset. Certain sorts of ailments can be major contributing factor, as there are varieties of surgical operation which for the most part will contain the use of a generic anesthetic. Hair loss can be somehow stress-related, and is prompted by an inner response in the body.

Hair loss may also have some connection with the body’s hormones as a naturally occurring chemical compounds emerge as an unbalanced with the relaxation of the body and create undesirable side effects on other parts of the body.

An overactive thyroid gland may also be a reason in the hair loss in some people. The thyroid gland is to be determined in the neck, this gland additionally produces its very own hormones for performing body functions, such as metabolism and the control of the body’s sensitivity to different hormones.

Hair loss in woman after giving birth to baby is additionally very frequent as Hair Specialist Say’s. There are various types of medicines that can also be the main purpose of excessive hair loss, such as those used for treating heart disease and high blood pressure, those used for thinning blood, contraceptive pills, and anti-depressants can all have an impact on the hair.

In greater serious cases hair loss might also be attributed to some other medical condition that has not yet been observed or diagnosed such as Lupus erythematosus or diabetes. Hence each of these conditions has mild and serious forms.