Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a common skin disorder in which dark spots and discolouration occur. It is also known as hyperpigmentation. Melasma is caused due to overproduction of melanin in the body. The melanocytes produce melanin. Sometimes the melanocytes work abnormally and produce excessive melanin due to sunlight exposure or hormonal changes. It gives rise to melasma. If you are suffering from melasma, then consider Melasma Treatment in Islamabad. Learn more about the treatment and causes of melasma by reading the article.

Aim of the Treatment:

The aim of the treatment is to smooth out the texture and tone of the skin. It also eliminates hyperpigmentation, freckles and blemishes from the skin. You will get rid of sunspots and melasma after a few sessions of the treatment. 

Causes of Melasma:

There are various causes of melasma. Some of them are:

  • Genetics:

Some people can get melasma due to family history. If any of your family members have melasma, there is an increased risk of melasma then you should take all the precautionary measures to avoid it.

  • Hormonal Imbalance:

Increased production of the hormones may contribute to the production of melanin. As a result, dark patches and spots appear on the skin.

  • Colour of the Skin:

If you have dark or olive-coloured skin, then there is more chance that you will get melasma. On the other hand, light-coloured people have a very less chance of getting melasma.

  • Sun exposure:

Excessive sun exposure is the main cause of melasma. The sun’s rays increase the production of melanocytes, and you can get melasma. So it is important to apply SPF before going out in the sun.

  • Pregnancy:

There is a 70 to 80 percent chance that pregnancy will cause melasma. It usually occurs in the second and third semesters due to increased production of oestrogen and progesterone.

Expected Outcomes:

Most of the patients have experienced positive outcomes. You can get rid of stubborn melasma in just a few sessions after a few months. It is important to follow all the instructions of the dermatologist to achieve natural-looking results. If you want long-lasting results from Melasma Treatment in Islamabad, you will need maintenance sessions of the laser treatment.

Results of melasma treatment in Islamabad Images of melasma treatment in Islamabad Before after of melasma treatment in Islamabad

Ideal Candidate for Melasma Treatment:

The dermatologist will examine your skin conditions to determine if the treatment is right for you or not. You fall in the candidacy criteria if:

  • You have pigmentation and dark spots on the skin
  • You want a less invasive treatment
  • You are above 18
  • You must have realistic expectations about the results
  • You are overall a healthy person
  • You are suffering from vitiligo

Pre-Treatment Guidelines:

It is not a surgical procedure, but it also requires some pre-treatment guidelines to get the best results. During the initial consultation, the dermatologist examines your skin condition and will give you certain guidelines. During this time, you must tell the doctor about your medical conditions or any type of skin allergies. Some instructions given by the best dermatologist are as follows:

  • Avoid going in the direct sunlight before two weeks of the treatment
  • Do not apply makeup products 
  • Do not use retinoids and other facial products
  • Wear a hat or umbrella before going out in the sun.

Laser Treatment Procedure:

There are different types of laser treatment for melasma, such as pico sure, I.P.L., fractional and Q-switch laser. All these laser treatments are very effective, and you will get rid of melasma in just a few sessions. The dermatologist starts by applying a numbing cream or cooling gel to minimise the stinking sensation or any type of discomfort. The laser will break the abnormal cells, and the skin’s outer layer will eventually peel off.

Other Treatment Options:

Some other techniques for melasma treatment are:

  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Light therapy
  • dermabrasion
  • topical creams
  • Vitamin C serum


The recovery time is about 5 to 6 days. The recovery time also depends on the type of treatment selected for getting rid of melasma. After the treatment, you might notice itching, burning and swollen skin. But these are temporary side effects and will fade away in a few days. During the recovery period, take proper care of the skin. Do not apply any makeup product after the treatment as it can cause allergic reactions. If you want to recover timely, then follow all the after-care instructions. Always use sunblock to avoid the overproduction of melanin in the body.


The cost of Melasma Treatment in Islamabad starts from PKR 10,000 per session. The price may vary for everyone as it depends on some factors such as:

  • Treatment area size
  • Type of treatment
  • Dermatologist’s fees
  • Location of the clinic
  • Type of melasma

If you want to know the exact cost, consult our team, they will guide you about the treatment cost and procedure properly.

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