Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi Pakistan

Hair Transplant Clinic Rawalpindi:

Just like youth and good health, people take their looks for granted, until they are gone. Hair Transplant Rawalpindi Pakistan can help many people in bringing back what looks like full or fuller head of hair. In case going bald or thinning up irritating you, hair transplant is best in this case. But before taking any decision consult your doctor. There is high success rate of hair transplant which is almost 98% if the procedure performed with accuracy.

What is a hair transplant?

It is a kind of surgery in which hairs are moved to area having thin or no hair. Doctors have been doing hair transplant since 1950s in U.S. but now different techniques have been introduced. Hair transplant is a permanent natural solution.

What are doctor’s recommendations after surgery?

After the operation your scalp may be tender. After Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi surgery you may feel pain so doctor may recommend you to take pain killers for several days. You may have to wear bandages on your scalp for one or two days. You may also have to take anti-inflammatory drug or antibiotic according to your doctor’s recommendation. These drugs help you to deal with after Hair Transplant surgery issues.

Some of Our Best Results:

Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi Before and After Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi Before and After Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi Before and After

How much time does recovery take?

It takes almost two to five days in order to return to work. Transplanted hair will fall out after two to three weeks of surgery and you will notice new hair growth within a few months. Almost 60% of new hair growth will appear after 6 to 9 months in most cases. Some doctors recommend using hair growing oil in order to enhance hair growth.

Cost of Hair Transplant Rawalpindi?

Hair Transplant Rawalpindi has become the most popular cosmetic surgery in Pakistan. Best clinics for hair transplant are there in Rawalpindi. But the Cost of Hair transplant is very high. It basically depends upon hair loss condition or session of surgery.

What are the risks?

Every kind of surgery or transplant has some complications and risks.  Some of the issues associated with hair transplant are as follows;

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Un-natural looking hair growth
  • Hair follicle inflammation (folliculitis)
  • Some original hair may loss
  • Scalp swelling
  • Lack of sensation where treatment is done
  • itching
  • formation of crust from where hair was implanted or removed
  • bruising around eyes

All these problems can be relieved using antibiotic recommended by doctor. There is a need to talk with your doctor whether should have hair transplant or not. You also need to discuss rate of improvement after surgery.

Final thoughts

Hair transplant Clinic in Rawalpindi can be a good treatment if your hairs are naturally thinning or you are balding. But it is not for everyone. In most cases existing hairs are used, so people having naturally thin hair are cannot successfully have Fue hair transplant. So it would be best to consult a doctor before having a hair transplant. If he recommends you, then you can go for it otherwise doesn’t have a hair transplant surgery. Once you make up mind to have surgery prefer those clinics which are doing quality work like those situated in Pakistan.