Breast Reconstruction in Gujranwala, Peshawar & Islamabad

You may have heard about mastectomy and lumpectomy, which is the removal of a breast or a piece of it respectively due to some serious health issues like breast cancer. It can be emotionally draining for a woman to face mastectomy or lumpectomy. Breast Reconstruction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore is a kind of treatment a woman can have after cancer treatment in order to reshape her breast to regain its form. This can help a woman in finding her self-confidence again.

What are actually breast reconstruction and its types?

Basic goal of breast reconstruction is to reshape or reform breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery can be of two types:

  • Implants or prosthetics surgery

In this case silicone or saline Breast implants are used in surgery.

  • Autologous or skin flap surgery

While in this type of surgery tissues from other parts of the body are used.

In order to construct breast naturally, sometimes a combination of both types of surgeries is used.

Decisions regarding surgery:

It is a personal choice deciding to have breast reconstruction or not. Women usually feel bad for the loss of their breasts. That is the reason most of the women prefer reconstruction of breasts. So first of all you need to decide whether you want reconstruction surgery or not. Once you make a decision to have it, you still need to make further decisions;

  • What type of surgery you can have?
  • When to have surgery?
  • Whether you need to have surgery for both breasts or not?

What are the factors determining best kind of breast reconstruction?

Here are some factors given, on the basis of which a woman or a doctor can decide what type of Breast Reconstruction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore will be best.

  • What is health condition of person aside from cancer?
  • What is the type of body a person has? If she is thin, she may not have enough tissues in order to have skin flap surgery.
  • Whether a person needs surgery on both breasts or on one?
  • What kind of cancer a person has and what is its location?
  • What kind of cancer treatments a person is having, like chemotherapy, radiation etc.?
  • How many surgeries a person can bear?
  • How quickly does that person want to recover from the surgery?

How much time does recovery take?

It is a serious kind of surgery and a person takes several days to recover from both implant and flap reconstruction. The person may have to spend several days after operation in the hospital.

Some individuals need more than one surgery in order to reconstruct breasts completely and will take much time. In case of skin flap surgery more time is required to recover as compared to implant reconstruction.

What a person has to bear during recovery?

A person recovering from reconstruction surgeries is unable to do regular activities for almost two months. During these two months a person may face the following issues:

  • Swelling, soreness and bruising in the breasts and at the area from where tissue has taken
  • Fatigue
  • Issues in movements especially in movement of arms
  • Breast Augmentation is also best for it.

What are the risks and complications of having Breast Reconstruction?

During time period, following surgery a person will likely to have drainage tubes and stitches. During the initial time period doctors will recommend painkillers in order to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed. They also advise to use elastic support bra in order to reduce the swelling. Breasts after reconstruction do not look like the natural ones. Some complications and risks are associated with every kind of surgical procedure. Risks after or during surgery are as follows:

  • Infections
  • Blood clots and bleeding
  • Anesthesia issues
  • There may be chance of fluid build-up at the donor site or in the breast
  • Wound healing problems
  • Tiredness

Here are some complications that can occur:

  • Necrosis, it may have an effect on tissue flap, skin or fat.
  • Uneven breasts
  • Changes in sensation of the nipple or breast
  • At donor site there may be a loss of muscle strength
  • There may be a need of more surgical procedures in case of severe issues

Final thoughts:

Prosthetics can also be used if a person does not want Breast Reconstruction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore. There are no serious health problems from breast reconstruction surgeries. But a person may face back pain and some posture issues from the imbalance want to know more see the Breast Surgery Clinic Islamabad.