Dynamic Clinic Pakistan realizes that it is of great importance to protect the privacy of all users on this website. This privacy policy has been devised, keeping in mind the subscribers, user and all customers in general, to educate the users about privacy practices of the clinic.

Collection of Information:

Dynamic Clinic Pakistan collects information from the users and uses it to provide required services to customers.

Registration for Services:

When you register for our free services like newsletters, you are required to give your personal details and contact information. For providing seamless services, we use this information to get in touch with the users and to give them a personalized experience on the website. In some cases, we may also collect demographic information to make our services better or for industry reporting.

For payments, credit card information is collected which is not shared in any circumstance. This information is for billing purposes only and is protected by our SSL secures website.

E-Mail Newsletters:

We require name, email address and demographic information from customers who want to subscribe to our email newsletter. This information is not shared with third party and the subscriber can unsubscribe from our newsletter anytime by following the instructions at the end of the email.

Interactive Features:

On our website, we have many interactive features time to time in order to educate our customers. These include webcasts and discussion boards. Any information that is disclosed in these forums is made public. Dynamic Clinic Pakistan will not be responsible for any harm caused due to this.

If a customer chooses to participate in a survey held on the website, they can choose to stay anonymous. For industry reporting reasons, demographic information is sometimes required.

Referring Friends:

Customers can use our referral feature to inform a friend about our services. In this scenario, they will have to disclose the friend’s name, email address and job title. Dynamic Clinic Pakistan will use this information to invite the friend for availing the services. Other than that, no communications will be conducted between the two parties.

Interaction with Us:

Our customers can interact with us through our polls and feedback forms. We may forward this information to our agents, if needed, to get the best response for the customer. Any emails sent to us for administrative purposes will be retained and the reviews posted about our services will be made publicly visible on the website.

Automatic Data Collection:

We use cookies on our site that remove the need of logging in every time the user enters the page, thus saving time. From time to time, we also gather information such as IP address, time, date and browser type of our visitors. This information is required for our security audit and does not harm the user personally. Your information will be shared with a third party only in case where we have a contest or collaboration in which you have participated. Your information will then be subject to the privacy policy of this third party.