Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Dynamic

Let’s face it; anyone can develop deep acne scars depending on their acne; if you have depressed acne scars that are not going away. Then you should go for its treatment. Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad is considered the best treatment for acne scars that take too long to fade away. This treatment will work like magic for the skin by destroying the scars tissues and giving you glowing and clear skin. 

You may need multiple sessions of subcision treatment to get the desired results depending on the condition of the acne scars. The success rate of subcision treatment is very high; doctors highly prefer it for depressed and rolling Acne Scars.

What is Subcision Treatment?

Subcision is a minor surgical procedure known as subcutaneous incisional surgery, in which a hypodermic needle is inserted into the targeted area. The purpose of the needle is to create a puncture in the skin that breaks the scar tissue. Due to the puncture in the skin, collagen production is also boosted. The procedure takes less than an hour and depends on the number of scars. You will need a few sessions to get rid of acne scars. 

Suitable Candidate for the Treatment:

The dermatologist will assess your scar condition and suggest a suitable treatment. You are a suitable candidate if:

  • You do not have active acne
  • You are not suffering from skin allergies
  • You do not have a bleeding disorder
  • You are overall a healthy person
  • You want to get rid of scars
  • You are above 20
  • You have depressed and rolling scars


Many patients have noticed excellent results and dramatic effects of the treatment. The results of subcision treatment vary from person to person. To see the best results, you should go for all follow-up sessions. Once you have achieved the desired results, they will remain for a lifetime until you have developed another acne scar due to severe acne.


Some benefits of Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad are as follows:

  • It will destroy the scar tissue
  • It also boosts the collagen production
  • The improvement in skin texture and tone
  • The success rate is very high
  • It activates the natural healing process
  • It requires a minimal downtime

How to Prepare the Skin Before the Treatment?

It is important to consult the dermatologist before the treatment. The doctor would ask about the past skin allergy if you had any. He will give you instructions to prepare the skin depending on the skin condition. Do not take any blood thinners or any certain medication before one week of the treatment. You should clean the skin before coming for the treatment to avoid infection. The doctor will also suggest you not wear makeup before coming for the treatment.

Treatment Procedure:

The dermatologist or surgeon starts the procedure by disinfecting the treatment site to avoid an allergic reaction. He then marks the acne scars with the help of markers to precisely perform the procedure. He then numbs the area by administering local anesthesia to avoid pain. Then the hypodermic needle is inserted to break the scar tissues. After completing the procedure, the treatment site may be given pressure by hand to reduce the chance of bleeding and swelling. At last, an ointment will be applied to reduce the chance of allergic reaction and for fast recovery.

Post-Treatment Instructions:

After the treatment, you will get redness and swelling, fading away in a few days. If you want to recover in time with fewer side effects and for best results, follow the aftercare instructions. Some of the basic instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid doing strenuous exercise, which can cause sweating
  • Do not take blood thinners
  • Take the prescribed medicines on time 
  • Do not wash the area for the first 12 hours
  • Do not apply any cosmetic product
  • If you are going out, then use SPF to protect the skin
  • Do not touch the area again and again

The downtime is different for every person and depends on the person’s healing power. So you should take proper care of the skin to ensure timely recovery.


The cost of Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad is different for everyone as it depends on several factors such as the acne scar condition, number of sessions, desired results, pricing policy of the clinic, and number of acne scars. To know the exact price, you can consult our team.

Potential Side Effects:

You can face infection if the treatment is not performed in a sanitized environment. You can also face excess swelling and bruising if the injection is not used correctly. So to avoid the side effects, choosing a trusted clinic with the best-skilled doctors is necessary.

Final Thoughts!

If your acne scars are bothering you and lowering your confidence, you should go for the treatment for scars. Subcision treatment will treat your scar and help you regain your lost confidence. You can book an appointment with Dynamic Clinic by filling out the consultation form, and our team will guide you. Want to know further about the treatment and the cost of the treatment, then get in touch with us.