Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Gujranwala, Peshawar & Islamabad

Our Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore comprises of utilizing modern techniques with state-of-the-art endodontic equipment and technology. The basic purpose of a root canal treatment procedure is to save and repair a badly infected and decayed tooth without removing it entirely. Root canal treatment is also called “Endodontic treatment”. At our clinic, our endodontists offer completely painless, safe, and affordable root canal treatment in Pakistan.

Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment:

There is a common misconception prevalent among the general public regarding this procedure. They think it is excruciatingly painful. But in fact, due to modern advancements in anesthesia – our root canal treatment procedure is completely safe and with zero pain. The pros of  it are:

  • It alleviates infected toothaches.
  • It treats or removes the infected dental pulp and nerve of a tooth.
  • It seals off the dental areas that are treated.
  • It cleanses the interior sides of the teeth.
  • It maintains your natural smile.
  • It is a virtually pain-free procedure.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • Your new crowned teeth look virtually appealing after having this treatment.
  • This endodontic treatment helps you eat your favorite food without ongoing further dental procedures.
  • This treatment lasts for a lifetime if proper care and caution are followed.

Criteria Required for Candidacy:

In order to be a rightfully eligible candidate for a Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore – you need to be:

  • Suffering from painful, inflamed, and infected soft tissue inside your tooth’s root canal.
  • Having teeth that are deeply decaying or decayed.
  • Having done repeated dental procedures that have destroyed your tooth.
  • Having a faulty crown on the tooth.
  • Having a chip or a crack in the tooth.
  • Having a traumatic, facial accident or injury.
  • Having a large dental filling.
  • Having toothache upon chewing food.
  • Having prolonged sensitivity or pain eating or drinking cold & hot food.
  • Having discolored or darkened tooth.
  • Having nearby gums swollen or tender.
  • Having a recurring or a persistent pimple on the gums area.

If you meet any one or more of the aforementioned criteria, you may consider getting our famous endodontic.

Pre-Operative Measures:

The endodontist examines your teeth by taking an X-ray of them along with a few other tests. After confirmation of your dental disease(s), then suggests you to take this root canal treatment immediately.

Endodontists perform the Procedure:

The procedural steps of a Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore at our clinic take only 90 minutes in one or two appointments and are:

  • Step 1: X-rays and other dental tests are done by the dentist.
  • Step 2: Local numbing anesthesia is injected on the infected tooth.
  • Step 3: The doctor drills a hole inside the diseased tooth.
  • Step 4: He then removes the decayed dental tooth pulp, which is soft tissue.
  • Step 5: The root canal cavity of the tooth is disinfected and shaped properly.
  • Step 6: The root canal cavity of the tooth is filled with gutta-percha which is a rubbery material.
  • Step 7: The endodontist seals the opening hole in the tooth by filling it with a temporary filling until a permanent crown is made.
  • Step 8: After some days, the patient will have a second appointment wherein you will get a stable, permanent crown on the tooth.

Recovery Time After Treatment:

In order to recover rapidly after this dental procedure of teeth whitening, you may need to take extra care of your gums and teeth. The ways are as follows:

  • Schedule an additional appointment with your endodontist/dentist for an X-ray to check if the tooth infection is completely gone or not.
  • Have dental exams and cleanings twice every year.
  • Maintain an appropriate oral care routine daily.
  • Brush twice a day with an anti-bacterial gel or toothpaste.

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