Best Hair Transplant in Lahore Pakistan

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant Islamabad is a medical procedure in which hairs from the hairy parts of the body are used for planting them on hairless or less hairy areas of the body. This method is tested and a proved method for growing hairs on hairless parts of the body. In most cases, it’s the head for which people go through this medical procedure. Hair fall is one common health issues in today’s era. People are so much busy with their daily routines and have no time to look after their health. As a result, they don’t take a healthy and notorious diet which is required for the proper growth of our body parts including hair.

Types of Hair transplantation methods

  • Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant (FUE)

This method is an ideal choice for those patients who have lost hair in a specific pattern. By inserting the hair follicle from the donor area, patients can achieve a denser hair growth after the treatment. Follicular unit extraction must be done under the supervision of a professional surgeon. Due to its unique technique, the patients don’t feel any kind of pain during the treatment. Moreover, this method also doesn’t take that much time.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation Hair Transplantation (FUT)

In Follicular unit extraction, the surgeon will mark a hairy area on your scalp. This area needs to be chosen very carefully during the follicular unit transplantation (FUE). After the area has been marked, the surgeon will carefully cut out this part and will stick it in the area where the hairs are to be planted.  As the hairless will area gets a hairy part on top of it, gradually hairs will start growing on this part of the head. This is how Follicular unit transplantation works. According to research, this method has been declared as the best Hair transplantation method.

Benefits of Hair transplantation:

1: Boosts your confidence

People who have less hair on their heads feel ashamed in the front of other people. Their confidence level doesn’t remain the same. Our society approach towards such people is definitely disgusting. Hair transplantation surgery Islamabad Pakistan helps you grow hair naturally like other human beings. Once you have achieved your desired results, your confidence will be high. You won’t feel embarrassed in front of anyone. In simple hair, plantation surgery can do wonders for you and will help you get back to your life in no time.

2: Little to no pain

People assume that all of the cosmetic surgeries including hair transplantation are a painful experience. Despite its importance, they won’t go for it. Luckily, Hair transplantation surgery is one of those surgeries that involve little to almost no pain. You can confidently go for hair transplantation surgery without thinking about the pain factor. Don’t listen to other people’s opinions as there are many people in our society who just cannot accept the importance of such advanced medical surgeries.

3: Results Are Fruitful

There are a number of patients who have gone through hair transplantation surgery and are satisfied with results. FUT & FUE Hair transplant in Islamabad Pakistan surgery is no more an old method of surgery of now. The new methods are more advanced and have surprisingly excellent results. For instance, the Follicular unit transplantation method uses an area of your scalp for hair transplantation. As it’s a part of your scalp, you will surely see hair growth with a few months. You will be surprised by the hair density and growth. After the Hair transplantation surgery, you will observe a solid hair growth within months. If done by professional surgeons, results can be even more satisfying. Moreover, you can wash and treat these hairs just like your normal hairs.


Hair Transplant Islamabad Pakistan has become a famous medical treatment for hair growth. The availability of such treatments doesn’t mean that you should stop taking caring of body organs. In your day to day life, you should eat healthy fruits which provide vitamins and minerals to our body. These vitamins and minerals are essential for your hair growth. If you start taking a healthy diet on a daily basis, you won’t face hair fall issues. Finally, if you have deiced to go for hair transplant surgery, always choose a professional surgeon for this task.