Ear Reshaping Surgery – Otoplasty

Ear surgery in IslamabadOtoplasty is performed to enhance the appearance and features of the ear. Otoplasty is safe and effective. It can enhance one’s self-image. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgical operation of the external ear is frequently carried out to repair cosmetic or defects resulting from the injury. The most common process is otoplasty which is done to carry out to bring some perfection in the shape of ears in children. The main aim of this type of surgery is to enhance the practical and cosmetic appearance of the ears. Frequently, psychological trauma is related to such features.

What are the Risks and Complications of Cosmetic Surgery?

Your surgical procedure will be performed safely and with care in order to reap the exceptional feasible results. But still, there are some risks and complications that can take place during the process of Otoplasty Ear surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore. These risks can vary according to the body and health condition of an individual. Here we some major risks you can face through:

  • Infection of the pores and skin or of the cartilage (chondritis) of the ear
  • Bleeding or hematoma formation
  • An unfavorable end result may also happen at any time following surgery, and includes inadequate correction, recurrence, contour distortions, or asymmetric correction, all of which may also require secondary surgery.
  • Permanent or temporary numbness of the skin of the ear or face
  • Scar or keloid formation, which is an overgrowth of scar tissue
  • Prolonged pain or impaired healing and the want for hospitalization
  • Narrowing of the exterior ear canal
  • When everlasting sutures are used to keep shape, they may also turn out to be evident with the pores and skin and may additionally, in the end, require removal.

If the surgical treatment is being completed because of a tumor, there can be a recurrence of the tumor and the need for additional surgical treatment or different therapeutic modalities, which include radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

What Happens All Through Ear Surgery Treatment?

In the operating room, the anesthesiologist will usually use a combination of gas and intravenous medicine to put you to sleep and to hold your anesthetic at a secure and comfy level. During the procedure, you will be continually monitored along with blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation (pulse oximeter), and heart rhythm (EKG). The surgical team is prepared for any emergency.

In addition to the physician and the anesthesiologist, there will be a nurse and a surgical technician in the room. Depending on what is required and whether or not or you are additionally undergoing some extra procedures, the surgery may also take several hours. Your doctor will usually come to the waiting room to discuss with any household or friends as soon as you are safe in the restoration room.

Ear Surgery/Otoplasty Recovery and Aftercare?

Your Ear Surgery – Otoplasty Ear surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore may additionally be carried out as a daycare system or you may also need a one-night stay in hospital. You will have a dressing around your head, masking your ears. Your healthcare professional will recommend to you how long you have to keep it in its area. You can also wear a smaller and lighter scarf to shield your ears as soon as it is removed.

You may have some pain at the beginning, and you will be prescribed painkillers that you often take for the first few days. You may additionally have some swelling and bruising that will subside over time.

You will have a follow-up appointment with your health care professional to examine your progress and to make you aware of when you can resume your normal activities. You must avoid strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, and swimming for six weeks following surgery.

After your bandages are removed and the swelling has long passed down, you will be in a position to see an improvement to the contour of your new shape of an ear.

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