FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

There was a time when you had that head full of lustrous hair. But now it seems you are losing lots of hair may be due to some hormonal imbalance, bad chemicals, stress, or as an inherited disease. Whenever you see those shampoo and hair dye adverts with shiny locks, chances are you feel down. But don’t be full of despair anymore! Here at Dynamic Clinic, We offer FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore which are one of the most modern techniques in restoring that beautiful hairy head so that your life gets more delightful so that you get to boast your radiant tresses at various occasions of your life. Whether you are a male or a female, we got you covered with our hair transplants that are an affordable, permanent solution to your hair loss worries or baldness. You can feel youthful again by brushing your natural hair that won’t fall off easily!


In order to really find out if you are an ideal candidate or not for a (follicular unit extraction) FUE hair transplant, we advise you to visit our clinic and consult our hair restoration surgeons which are one of the pioneer doctors available in Islamabad, Pakistan. The given criteria determine if you are the best fit for this type of surgery:

  • If you are ready for body hair transplant through FUE or not
  • If you have sufficient hair supply area on your head and not a fully bald head. Such hair areas are called donor hair areas.
  • If you have decreased hair fall or if your hair loss has stopped.
  • If you have adequate follicles of hair mainly present next to ear on your head’s sides, or at the back of your head.
  • If you are at least 25 years old and above in age.
  • If you have optimistic expectations from this type of treatment.


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Preparation of Follicular Unit Extraction:

In order to be prepared fully for a Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore, doctors will ask you to pay heed to some things prior to the surgery. Such things will be:

  • Not to drink any kind of alcoholic beverage at least 3-5 days prior to the hair transplant.
  • To avoid or minimize drinking or eating anything that contains caffeine.
  • To give up the habit of smoking 3 weeks before this treatment.
  • To stop taking any blood-thinning medications 2 weeks before hair surgery.
  • To take ample rest after this surgical procedure and to purchase your medicines at least a week before your surgery commences.

Procedure for Follicular Unit Extraction:

Our FUE hair transplant is basically a minimal surgical treatment that gives you back your natural hair at a very fast pace on eyebrows, beard, scalp, and even eyelashes. And it is crucial if you can donate your very own hair grafts in order to harvest them into another area. Long gone are the days when only one technique was utilized to perform hair transplants, called FUT (follicular unit transplantation). Now we have Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant – which only costs a bit more than FUT Transplant, but it is worth it. The following steps are performed for this amazing treatment:

STEP 1 – The donor hair area is made ready.

STEP 2 – Anesthesia is administered on the local donor area to make you feel painless, your head is shaved from the donor site and hair follicles picked carefully.

STEP 3 – Extraction of hair grafts from the donor site.

STEP 4 – Extracted hair grafts are prepared for transplantation on required recipient areas.

STEP 5 – Recipient area is cleaned and is locally administered anesthesia.

STEP 6 – Recipient bald site is made ready for inserting grafts.

STEP 7 – Donor hair grafts are inserted into incisions made on the recipient site under the supervision of our qualified team of adept surgeons. The size of your transplant determines the duration of this procedure, and it might take 4 to 8 hours.

Post-Treatment Care and What to Expect:

You will be instructed to do the following:

  • Use a cold compress for dealing with swelling and bruises.
  • Refrain from going out in the sunlight and from tanning beds.
  • Discontinue blood thinners for 2 weeks.
  • The scalp remains sore for some time and you may notice some hair fall within two to 6 weeks postpartum, which is considered normal for new hair to sprout. Take prescribed painkillers to alleviate pain.
  • Sleep in an upright position for 4 consecutive nights.
  • Don’t smoke or drink for a week.
  • Do not itch or touch the scalp even if it feels like so.

Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant :

At our clinic, we have recruited some of the best hair restoration specialist surgeons you will ever find in Pakistan. Having an FUE Hair Transplant from us offers the following benefits:

  • Refined new appearance, making you feel more confident, youthful and attractive.
  • Regrowth of natural hair on bald patches on your head.
  • Quick recovery after surgery to continue your work.
  • It has minimal side effects, which are treatable.
  • It is a permanent remedy to your hair loss woes or balding.
  • Your new hair requires very low maintenance, with no requirement for special chemicals or shampoos.
  • This process can be a one or two-time process and is relatively cheaper than other types of surgeries.

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant?

This is mainly an individualized surgical procedure, depending on your hair requirements. That is why the cost varies from person to person. However, the cost of hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan mainly depends on the following factors:

  • The hair restoration specialist surgeon’s fees.
  • The techniques utilized in the performance of the surgery.
  • The location of the facility.
  • Anesthesia, numbing and other miscellaneous charges.

FREE Consultation Available!

As we have answered the basic aspects of the remarkable FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan offered by us, we invite you wholeheartedly to come to visit us for a free consultation by our expert team of hair restoration specialists who will guide you. Just dial on the given numbers or fill our online form to book an appointment and we’ll ring you up.