Laser Treatments

Laser Skin Care Treatments in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan/Many of you would have think about getting the laser treatment once in life. This is one such treatment that helps you to reduce the wrinkles, age spots and acne scars from your face at the best. It tightens the skin and balance the tone perfectly. But the story does not end up here! There are quite a few more things you need to know about the skin treatment of laser resurfacing. So let’s just not waste time and move into the world of Laser Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore right now!

What is the Best time to do Laser Treatment?

Many of you do not know that for the laser treatment, autumn is the best season considered away. This is for the reason that the laser form of the treated skin is hypersensitive to sun exposure for up to a year that is all following some procedures. There are some of the cosmetic surgeons who most probably will recommend undergoing laser treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore during the time of the fall or winter months. No matter whatsoever time of the year it is, you should not be missing out to wear broad-spectrum SPF 30 or some sort of the higher sunscreen daily and reapply as much it is needed. It plays an important role as it provides protection against skin cancer and helps out in order to prevent additional premature aging.

Most Popular Laser Skin Care Treatments are:

Is Laser Treatment Painful?

For some of the people it would be painful and for some of the people it would be not. The sensation caused during the whole laser treatment will be similar to the rubber band that is snapping all against the skin. The pain will be different on different skin tones and it would be depending on the depth of the laser used.  There are some of the non-ablative laser treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi that would be causing with the little-to-no pain and somehow require only a topical numbing cream to offset with the discomfort.

Is it safe for Light Skin types?

It has been thought out that the Laser treatment is just meant to be safe for the light skin types. But this is not true at all! As in view with the lighter-toned African American, Hispanic or also the Asian skin tones, Erbium lasers can somehow and sometimes be a good option. It would at the end be posing less risk for any side of the discoloration. Patients with the view of the darker brown or black skin should consider with some kind of the skin resurfacing options such as the names of radio-frequency treatments or also microneedling.

There are certain medications and conditions that would be affecting on how the skin will react to the Laser skin care treatment. You should be honest with your doctor about your medical history or any kind of the medications you are taking. Some of the acne medications that contain isotretinoin would be leading to the poor healing or scarring from the set of the laser skin treatment.

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