Bariatric Surgery

The true joy of life lies in a smart, sound and healthy body because it allows a person to live to the fullest, participate in his favorite activities and perform every sort of physical work. On the contrary, obesity reduces the mobility of an individual and also leads to several medical issues. Bariatric surgery in Islamabad transforms the life of an individual, renews the liveliness and gives an appealing look to an individual.

Everyone desires to have a stable and slim body. Not only does having a sound body produce an appeal, but it has also become a necessity of modern life. In addition to that, it reduces the risks of obesity-related health issues and diseases. Several factors such as the lack of physical activity, poor lifestyle, the use of certain medicines and hormonal changes cause fatness or obesity. Dynamic Clinic Islamabad brings advanced and tailor-made solutions to revamp the aesthetics of appearance and get rid of fatness.

Unravelling The Concept Of Bariatric Surgery:

Obesity is the root cause of several problems and medical conditions. Several methods are there to reduce weight and get a contoured body shape. Besides medical interventions, dietary modifications, lifestyle changes and physical activities or proper exercise are a few popular procedures to address obesity or plumpness. Bariatric surgery in Islamabad is basically a group of treatments that have been designed to reduce weight and improve the aesthetics of the body.

Procedures involved in this surgical process are primarily aimed at addressing excess fat by reducing the size of the stomach and limiting the body’s nutrient intake. People who have tried other weight loss methods, such as exercise or diet modification and did not get their desired results can consider this medical intervention because it is highly effective and offers desired results.

Bariatric Surgery In Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • Reduces excess weight and creates a contoured and desired body profile
  • Limits the risks of medical issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Increases mobility and enhances the quality of life
  • Improves heart health and shrinks the risks of heart attack
  • Enables people to participate in their desired sports and activities
  • Manages the weight and offers long-term benefits
  • Not only does it remove excess fat, but it also improves overall body health

Types Of Weight Loss Surgery In Islamabad

This medical intervention has several types to treat excessive weight and maintain an aspired body weight. Based on an individual’s specific needs, requirements and concerns, a surgeon at Dynamic Clinic Islamabad chooses the most suitable type for a specific patient.

Here are a few types:

Gastric bypass

This medical treatment is performed to reduce the food intake on the one hand and, secondly, to limit calorie absorption. With the help of sutures or staples, a small pouch is created on the top of the stomach to be used for digestion, and the remaining part of the stomach is prevented from storing food. Furthermore, changes are also made in the small intestine, and its lower part is then connected with the small pouch to lower calorie absorption. Gastric bypass in Islamabad is aimed at bypassing a huge part of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

This type of bariatric surgery in Islamabad is carried out to create a sense of fullness and limit the food intake of an individual. With the help of an endoscope, sutures are used to alter the shape of the stomach and create a sleeve-shaped stomach. New shaped stomach will not be able to store the food that it used to.

Intragastric Balloon

This is a non-surgical weight loss treatment in Islamabad that is also performed to limit the food intake of an individual and produce a feeling of fullness. During this procedure, a balloon is placed inside the stomach of an individual, and then it is inflated to limit the functionality of the stomach. The balloon is placed for a specific period and taken out after a certain period.

Why Bariatric Surgery?

  • To address fatness or excess weight that is resistant to diet or exercise
  • To reduce the risks of medical conditions associated with obesity
  • To improve the quality of life and increase the mobility of an individual
  • To reduce dependence and enhance the satisfaction of an individual
  • To meet weight-loss objectives and redefine the aesthetics of the body shape

Images of Bariatric surgery in IslamabadBefore After of Bariatric surgery in IslamabadResult of bariatric surgery in Islamabad

Who Is  A Suitable Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery In Islamabad?

  • If an individual has tried other weight-loss procedures
  • If an individual is unable to enjoy his life because of obesity
  • If an individual wants to increase mobility and add flavor to life
  • If an individual understands the procedure and has realistic expectations
  • If an individual has know-how of the pros and cons of this treatment

He is eligible for weight loss treatment in Islamabad. He can consider surgical interventions, reduce his excess weight, and improve his body shape.

Is Bariatric Surgery Good Or Bad?

Bariatric surgery in Islamabad is a medical intervention that focuses on reducing a person’s food intake, creating a sense of fullness, and lowering calorie absorption in the body. Without a doubt, this is a good option to consider, especially if you cannot get your desired objectives through other treatments such as lifestyle modifications. You must consult with a professional before considering weight loss treatment to get your suitability evaluated for the treatment.

How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost In Islamabad?

The cost of bariatric surgery in Islamabad generally starts from PKR6,50,000. The cost is not the same for every person because it is determined by a few factors such as the type of treatment, the clinic’s location, available facilities, aftercare treatments and the expertise of a surgeon.

Best Clinic For Bariatric Surgery:

Dynamic Clinic Islamabad is one of the best weight loss clinics because its advanced medical instruments, latest facilities and also its team of professionals strive to offer personalized results, providing desired results and meeting the desires of patients.

The bottom Line:

Weight loss surgery in Islamabad treats fat and obesity and molds the posture of a person. This treatment is highly effective and is performed when other procedures do not produce desired results. People who want to enjoy the real taste of life and succumb to obesity can consider bariatric surgery in Islamabad to get a redefined body shape.

Schedule your appointment at Dynamic Clinic Islamabad to get the required and desired cosmetic treatment. Visit our clinic for proper consultation, explore weight loss options and get a contoured and redefined appearance.

The cost of this surgery remains somewhere between PKR 580,000 to PKR 950,000. The overall price of bariatric surgery in Islamabad may alter because of the type of treatment, availed facilities and the clinic’s location.
Weight loss surgery in Islamabad is performed to add value to your life. This surgical treatment does not cause any complications but improves the quality of your life and enables you to redefine the boundary of your pleasures
Normally, this is an effective treatment and produces the desired results. But if you get this treatment from an inexperienced surgeon or do not adhere to aftercare procedures, then this treatment may fail.
Normally, this is a safe surgery and does not lead to serious complications. Patients may experience mild pain, discomfort, swelling, and bleeding, but these conditions can be treated easily. You must ensure that you are getting this treatment from an expert surgeon.