Tummy Tuck Treatment in Gujranwala, Peshawar & Islamabad

Tummy tuck treatment is also called abdominoplasty. It will help you in tightening your abdominal wall muscles.

If you have experienced multiple pregnancies, significant weight loss, or aging, then your body has become saggy and chubby. So if you want to get rid of your extra body fat, then you can consider Tummy Tuck Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore.

What Are The Aims of This Treatment?

Following are the objectives of Tummy Tuck Islamabad & Pakistan:

  1. It will help you in flattering your belly.
  2. It will help you in making your abdomen tighter and smoother.
  3. It will help you in defining your waistline.


Following are the right candidates for Abdominoplasty Treatment in Islamabad:

  • If your skin on your abdomen is loose and sagging.
  • If your abdomen is bulging because of laxity or separated abdominal muscles.
  • If you have stretch marks on your tummy.
  • If you have fat on your tummy area and it’s unresponsive to diet and workout.

Pre-Operative Care Instructions:

Before undergoing the Abdominoplasty in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore, the surgeon will guide you to properly follow these pre-operative care instructions:

  1. You will have to get the lab tests done.
  2. You will have to properly follow the recommended diet plan.

Treatment Options:

Following are the 02 treatment options available to perform the Tummy Tuck Treatment :

  • Liposuction
  • Laser skin tightening


The surgeon will choose the Liposuction procedure if you don’t have sagging skin instead you want to get rid of your extra fatty tissues in your abdomen area. It will help you in removing the excess fat in your tummy region and will also improve the contours of your tummy leaving minimal scars.

Laser Skin Tightening:

The surgeon will choose the laser skin tightening procedure if you have mild sagginess in your abdominal region.


Following are the procedural steps involved in the Abdominoplasty :

  1. First of all, the surgeon will administer general anesthesia to your abdominal region.
  2. Then he will make incisions in the appropriate locations. As their lengths and sites will vary according to the type of procedure.
  3. The surgeon will make the required alternations to enhance or improve the appearance of your tummy.
  4. In the end, he will close all the incisions by stitching them to complete the surgery.

Post-Operative Care Instructions:

After undergoing the Tummy Tuck Treatment, the surgeon will guide you to properly follow these Post-Operative Care Instructions:

  • You will have to use ice packs on your treated regions to reduce swelling, irritation, and discomfort, after undergoing this treatment.
  • You will have to avoid touching, scratching, itching or rubbing your treated areas, after undergoing the Tummy Tuck Treatment.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Treatment are there?

Following are the various benefits of undergoing Abdominoplasty :

  1. It will improve the look of your tummy by making it flattened, toned and firmer.
  2. It will enhance the look of your waist by making it, tighter and slimmer than before.
  3. It will remove all the stretch marks on your abdomen region.
  4. It will enhance your entire contour and shape of your body.
  5. It will improve your posture.
  6. It will provide you long-lasting and natural results.
  7. It will boost up your confidence and self-esteem level.


If you want to transform your chubby body into a model like physique at an affordable cost, then feel free to consult the Dynamic Clinic to consider the Tummy Tuck Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore.

There is a misconception regarding tummy tuck is that it is deliberately done for an individual who wants to lose a considerable amount of weight. That's not true. The ideal candidate for it is with normal weight but is concerned about saggy stomach skin.
Another name for Tummy Tuck is Abdominoplasty. This term is derived from two words Abdomino means stomach and plasty here signify a surgical method.
Pain tolerance varies from individual to individual however studies show that most patients consider tummy tuck procedure more painful than lipo. Since lipo involves only small incisions while the Tummy tuck technique requires an incision that penetrates the muscles along with general anesthesia.
The amount of weight one wants to reduce depends upon the type of procedure performed, how much excess abdominal fat one has and what are the expectations to lose the amount of fat. Usually one can reduce up to 15 pounds through a procedure.
Tummy Tuck Cost in Islamabad Pakistan Ranges from 130,000 PKR to 400,000 PKR.