Non-Surgical Bum Lift In Islamabad

Everyone is not blessed with a beautiful heart-shaped bum, and some factors like growing age and weight fluctuations can make your bum flat. If this is your matter of concern, you don’t need to worry now. Because of the advancement in the cosmetic field, non-surgical treatments are also in progress with a high success rate. Non-Surgical Bum Lift in Islamabad is best for people who do not want to undergo surgery to get their dream butt. This treatment is less invasive and painful and will give you a perfect butt lift in no time.

What Is a Non-Surgical Bum Lift?

Non-surgical Bum Lift is becoming famous with every passing day. It is also known as butt augmentation. In this treatment procedure fillers are used to give you a contoured look. Usually, the filler used in the bum lift is Sculptra fillers. Other treatment options include cool sculpting and ultherapy. But it is important to know the results of this procedure last for 2 to 3 years and do not give permanent results compared to the surgical ones. After getting a bum lift, your skin will become tight and firmer and you will get perfectly shaped buttocks. If you want a treatment with little downtime, you should try a non-surgical bum lift.

Pros Of Non-Surgical Bum Lift:

Following are some benefits of a Non-Surgical Bum Lift:

  • It is less painful and minimally invasive
  • It will give you natural-looking results
  • There is no chance of scarring
  • It will give you a perfect butt lift
  • This treatment does not require anaesthesia
  • It is a safer and quicker way to get a butt lift
  • It adds volume and definition to the buttocks


You will get instant results after getting a bum lift. You will need 2 to 3 sessions of fillers to get the desired results. The surgeon will ask about your desired results and suggest the number of treatment sessions. The number of sessions for bum lift also depends on how your body responds to the fillers. The results of fillers will last for a few years, and if you want to maintain the results, you will need maintenance sessions. The results also depend upon the type of treatment selected for the bum lift.

Perfect Candidate For The Non-surgical Bum Lift:

It is important to determine if you are the right candidate for the Non-Surgical Bum Lift in Islamabad. You fall in the candidacy criteria if:

  • You are overall a healthy person.
  • You are above 20.
  • You want to add fullness to the buttocks
  • You have realistic expectations about the results
  • You are looking for non-surgical treatment
  • You do not have any skin allergies
  • You have flat butts

You should tell the doctor about your medical condition or any type of allergies so that he will perform a test and will determine if this treatment is right for you.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines:

There are no such treatment guidelines to follow before the treatment. But you should not smoke and drink before one week of the treatment. If you are taking blood thinners, stop using them as they will interfere with your healing process. Ask your doctor questions related to the treatment procedure and the instructions to follow for a smooth procedure.

Treatment option:

Following are some techniques used at Dynamic clinic to give you a perfect butt lift:

  • Sculptra Fillers

Sculptra fillers are known as the best dermal fillers for a butt lift. These fillers increase the collagen production in the treatment area and thus giving you a rounded and lifted bum. You will need a few sessions with the fillers to get the desired results. A numbing cream may be applied before the treatment to avoid discomfort or pain. The whole procedure takes about less than an hour.

  • Ultherapy

In this treatment procedure, ultrasound technology increases collagen production in the body. With the help of this treatment, you will get rounded and lifted butts. The whole treatment procedure will take about an hour, and you will get the best results.

  • Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting is a fat freezing technique in which a device is used to target the fat cells. It is the best method to get an hourglass-shaped body. The fat cells are frozen and are slowly absorbed by the lymphatic system. It is a painless procedure to get a perfect butt lift.


The recovery period of a non-surgical bum lift is very short. You may recover within a few days. After the treatment, you might notice pain and swelling, which means the treatment works for you. If you want to recover quickly, you must follow all the instructions given by the doctor. Following are some instructions given by the best doctors to recover quickly:

  • Use cold compresses to minimise swelling
  • Avoid doing strenuous activities or any hard work
  • Do not sit in such a position which builds pressure on the buttocks
  • Take your medicines regularly to avoid pain
  • You should sleep on your stomach or your sides for a few days 
  • Do not touch your treatment area unnecessarily.


The cost of a Non-Surgical Bum Lift in Islamabad differs for everyone, as it depends upon various factors. Such as type of treatment, targeted area size, practitioner fees, and clinic location. The doctor will determine the cost after an initial consultation by examining your condition. If you want to know the exact price, then consult our team.

Why Choose Us?

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