Breast Lift Surgery in Gujranwala, Peshawar & Islamabad

Breasts play an important role in women’s lives, it can affect the overall personality. Every woman wants to acquire perfect-shaped breasts but a lot of reasons like breastfeeding, pregnancy, fat, etc. can make the breast look loose and saggy. The most popular surgical practice Breast Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore overcomes such concerns by repositioning the breast and nipples in a more central position. Therefore, women who are unhappy with their breasts can get this treatment but it’s better to discuss the medical condition with the doctor first.

Breast lift is the surgical procedure aims to uplift the breast according to the patients’ need. A lot of women demand this practice for better positioning of their nipples and chest. It’s a complex surgery and requires care so before undergoing the procedure must understand the complete process by reading this article.

This surgery doesn’t alter the shape and size of the breast, it only provides breast lifting. To resolve such concerns you are advised to get Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction.

Types of Breast Lift:

Different types of Breast Lift techniques are used by professional surgeons according to the breast condition of women. Many incision techniques are there to lift breasts appropriately without any risks and complications.

  1. Benelli Lift: Incisions are made around the areola to eradicate excess skin by altering the tissue.
  2. Anchor Lift: In this technique, an incision is made with areola to treat severe cases of sagging.
  3. Vertical Lift: When more incision is needed, a larger uplift is done through this technique.
  4. Crescent Lift: it’s also known as nipple lift, which raises the nipple into a higher position.


The patients can notice an improvement in their breast after a few days of treatment and the shape will continue to change and settle over in the next six months. The proper-lifted breast with a rounder shape can be seen as an outcome of Breast Lift Surgery, which won’t last permanently but it can be maintained for a long time if you continue to wear an appropriate sized bra and follow a healthy diet.

Are you the Right Candidate?

Women who want significant changes in their breasts can get this treatment but before undergoing the surgery, it’s better to read some points that might help in determining the right candidacy of Breast Lift Surgery.

  1. If the breast isn’t in a proper position
  2. Your nipples and areolas point downwards
  3. You’re 20 or above
  4. You’re mentally and physically healthy
  5. You’re not pregnant or breastfeeding
  6. You have realistic expectations about your Breast Surgery

Pre-surgical Instructions:

Like every treatment, Breast Lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore also has some preparation instructions that must be followed by every single patient to avoid discomfort during treatment. Here are some guidelines that must be observed before acquiring this surgery:

  1. Avoid smoking and unnecessary medications that contain aspirin
  2. Follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor
  3. Keep your body hydrated, drink plenty of water
  4. Avoid sun-exposures
  5. If surgeons are using general anesthesia, stop eating a few hours before treatment. Discuss with your doctor


The procedure of Breast Lift surgery is complex and requires much care. Before you get operated, convey your breast demands to the doctors so they can perform surgery accordingly. However, this surgery is done under general or local anesthesia and it takes 2-3 hours to complete. Therefore, some common steps involved in the surgery process:

  1. Surgeons start the treatment by first giving anesthesia.
  2. Once it’s done, the patient fell asleep and incisions are made according to the technique used.
  3. After making incisions, alterations are made by reshaping the breast tissues and excess skin is removed.
  4. Finally, after going through the whole procedure incisions are closed with dissolvable or undissolved sutures.

Aftercare & Recovery:

The recovery period varies from person to person because of different procedures and health conditions. The breast will be swollen for a few days and sutures will be removed after one or two weeks of surgery. Therefore, you will be able to return to the work after one or two weeks of surgery, as per your comfort but complete recovery will take some time. Plastic surgeons will provide a list of aftercare instructions according to the specific patients’ condition but some common tips apply to every patient include:

  1. The sleeping position must be disused with your doctor.
  2. Avoid the contact of water on the treatment site.
  3. Escape sexual activities for a few weeks after Breast Lift Surgery.
  4. Wear a surgical bra for at least a month.
  5. Avoid touching the treatment area.


What are the Comforts?

Breast lift surgery adds tremendous comfort to people’s life by providing proper-lifted breasts. This surgical approach delivers a more youthful appearance by tightening the breast tissues accordingly. Therefore, some common benefits acquired after the surgery include:

  1. Boosts the self-confidence
  2. Attractive breast shape
  3. Loose and saggy skin under the breast is discarded
  4. More contoured breasts
  5. Nipple lift

How Many Breasts Lift Cost?

The Cost of Breast Lift varies from clinic to clinic because every clinic has its specific rates according to the reputation and market price. Some common factors are listed on which cost depends:

  1. Breast condition
  2. Treatment you acquire
  3. Surgery expense
  4. Anesthesia fees
  5. Clinic Location

Why Choose us?

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