Hand Rejuvenation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan

Hands are one of the first places where the telltale signs of aging emerge much visibly. Even if you have taken steps to keep your face and neck looking out being youthful, sun-damaged, veiny, wrinkled hands can make you appear older than you are. There are a variety of beneficial strategies to rejuvenate your hands, enhancing the fine and texture of your skin, while reducing the wrinkling and appeared veins with Hand Rejuvenation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore.

When should you Consider Hand Rejuvenation?

  • If your hands have started giving an appearance of veins and tendons because of quantity loss
  • If your hands are wrinkled and thin
  • If your palms have Age spots
  • If your palms would advantage from accelerated pores and skin tone and color

What Are the Pros of Hand Rejuvenation?

  • A broad range of preferences are reachable for rejuvenating your hands
  • After rejuvenation, your arms will be smoother and fuller, and your veins will be a way less prominent.
  • Your fingers will have an extra youthful appearance

What Are The Cons of Hand Rejuvenation?

  • Multiple strategies may be required to reap the first-class results
  • Hands may also be swollen, bruised, and stiff after Hand Rejuvenation Treatment.
  • If you have a history of impaired healing, such as diabetes, ongoing sun publicity, and smoking, you will see a less dramatic result and a shorter lasting result with Cosmetic Surgery.

How is The Hand Rejuvenation Process performed?

Whether you require quantity replacement, correction of solar damage or erasure of strains and wrinkles, your health care professional has numerous cure options to pick from. Most processes are minimally invasive; however, in the case of very loose, wrinkled skin, your medical professional may also endorse surgical procedures to take away extra skin.

  • The filler is injected into the hand in more than one area.
  • It is placed in layers at a couple of ranges to reshape and increase the hands.
  • Fat injections are performed later on.
  • Liposuction with suction tubes us used to put off fatty tissue from areas of your physique with extra tissue, such as the abdomen, hips, returned, or thighs.
  • The fats are then processed for fats transfer and re-injected into your hands.
  • The fats are grafted in layers at a couple of stages to ensure that a smooth, linear savings of fatty tissue are left to reshape and augment the hands.
  • The tape is positioned on the pores and skin of the infiltrated areas and left in for three or 4 days as a shielding barrier.

What is The Role of Sclerotherapy in Hand Rejuvenation?

Sclerotherapy is advantageous for medium-sized blood vessels that are greater than 3 mm in diameter. The vein turns white (blanches) and progressively disappears. You might feel little pain at the time of treatment.

What is Laser Vein Treatment in Hand Rejuvenation?

Laser treatment is usually used to deal with small to medium-sized blood vessels (1-3 mm in diameter). A handpiece is surpassed over your pores and skin, and the Laser light is absorbed via the blood, causing the vessels to coagulate and be absorbed by using the body. This is an ideal treatment for fantastic lines, wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, or irregular pigmentation

How Long Will The Results Last ?

Temporary fillers usually last for around three months to one year. Fat grafts are commonly long-lasting. Injections can also be repeated when necessary. Results of skin tightening will rely on the type of Hand Rejuvenation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore used. Patients with the record of impaired healing, such as diabetes, ongoing solar exposure, and smoking will see a less dramatic result and a shorter lasting result. It is vital to keep away your hands from sun exposure and to take precautions such as carrying gloves and frequently applying moisturizer.