4 Factors That Can Cause Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation or discoloration of skin is one of the most common skin problems. It can affect individuals of any skin type, regardless of their race or background. Hyperpigmented skin has a relatively high melanin content. 

Considering both the aesthetic and health aspects, the search for a solution is not needless. Let us consider all factors leading to this dyschromia.

What are the Factors That Can Cause Hyperpigmentation?

  1. UV Exposure:

UV light, a main player in the melanin-increasing process, leads to skin paling. Excessive vitamin D from the sun’s UV rays, which are the principal element of sunburns, also excite the formation of pigment in our skin. 

Melanin is responsible for skin color, and its synthesis increases as a natural reflex in the defense against UV damage. Nevertheless, sun exposure, if it is prolonged or excessive, can stimulate the overproduction of melanin. This causes undesired uniform and dark spots or patches on the skin.

  1. Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal alterations may result from pregnancy, menopause, or other hormonal remedies, which usually cause hyper-pigmentation as a side effect. These hormone fluctuations can stimulate melanin production by skin-related cells. For example, during pregnancy, the increased amount of estrogen causes the cells called melanocytes to produce melanin. This creates melasma, which are dark patches.

Likewise, hormonal changes during menopause can lead to the dawn of hyperpigmentation. Moreover, hormonal-based birth control methods may result in melanin formation that is responsible for the darkening of the skin.

  1. Inflammation and Skin Trauma:

Inflammation is a very significant process that causes hyperpigmentation because it disrupts the melanin balance in the skin. Skin inflammation can also activate the melanocytes, which occur in the knee when acne, eczema, cuts, burns, or wounds appear.

This body gradually develops melanocytes, which make more pigment because of inflammation that causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Meanwhile, cuts and wounds that bear a lot of pigment cells are also scars that result in having a lot of melanin-producing cells on them.

  1. Genetics:

Genetics is a determining feature for one’s skin compellations and pigmentation diseases. It includes factors that determine the role of genes in skin hue and melanin level. Family traits toward hyperpigmentation indicate that several gene factors are involved, which raises the risk of this condition.

How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation?

Skin darkening prevention includes the use of preventive methods such as protective actions and doing away with the factors that ease this problem.

  • The most crucial thing that one should do is to put on a good sun barrier, with UV rays being one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation.
  • Using sunscreen daily and seeking shade can prevent skin discoloration, known as sun tanning.
  • Periodic calming shampoos and moisturizers are advisable to keep the skin healthy and prevent PIH.
  • Through stress control, healthy eating, and abstinence from hormone manipulators, you can reduce melanin production.

Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation:

The choice of hyperpigmentation treatment methods is entirely different for the different degrees and reasons for the condition. Hydroquinone agents or tretinoin retinoids can help lighten dark spots and eventually make skin tone uniform. Chemical peels and laser therapy are relatively intensive procedures used to eliminate outer skin layers and remove excess melanin depositions.

Consulting a dermatologist is crucial for personalized hyperpigmentation treatment plans. A thorough assessment identifies contributing factors and produces positive results. Dynamic Clinic PK offers effective treatment with successive processes and customized care.

How Much Does Hyperpigmentation Treatment Cost in Islamabad? 

The cost of the hyperpigmentation treatment in Islamabad varies depending on multiple factors. These may include the type of treatment, the nature of the case, and even the clinic offering the services. Topical treatments are cheaper than chemical peels or laser therapy, which could cost from PKR 15,000 per session

Furthermore, the number of sessions per treatment affects the overall cost. Certain people require a few sessions of this procedure to achieve the desired results, while others may need one session.

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