Pectoral implants are used in reconstruction and cosmetic surgeries, in order to increase the shape, size and appearance of the pectoral muscle. These are the most widely used implants all around the world as compared to the other types of implants.

Pre-Surgical Considerations:

Different steps are involved in Pectoral Implant surgery in Islamabad, Karachi & Pakistan in order to give your body appropriate shape. Here are steps may be involved in a pectoral surgery:

Medical history Evaluation:

In this step your surgeon studies your all medical history which involves injuries, nerve damages, blood work and what are postoperative expectations. It is predicted that how your body will look like after having surgery. You need to show your surgeon what kind of look you want and he will plan accordingly for your surgery.

Physical evaluation:

In this step you current condition o chest and physique is evaluated by the surgeon. You surgeon will study the difference between right and left chest. Moreover the flexibility of muscle and underlying dermis is also dermis. Then on the basis of these things pectoralis major and pectoralis minor bone attachments and insertions are determined.

Pre-Surgical Clearance:

Before deciding the final date of your surgery, there is need to decide the proper kind of implants for your surgery. Surgeon suggest you the best procedure for you to have in order to get best natural look. And then on final date surgery is done.

What is the recovery time period?

You will see changes immediately after Reshaping surgery. You need to avoid excessive use of arms and heavy weight lifting for some days after surgery. You have to wear compression device for several days. A gentle exercise is suggested by the surgeon after one to two weeks which make you enable to achieve comfortable motion.

What are some complications and risks?

Risks of surgery are not much excessive. Some of risks associated with this surgery are hematoma formation, asymmetry, infection, capsular contraction, nerve or muscle damage, scarring, wound dehiscense, bleeding and implant migration. In some cases unnatural, feminine results may obtain due to surgery.

What are some applications of pectoral implants?

Society’s visual portrayal of what is considered the “perfect” male body hasn’t changed in the course of the last a few hundred years. Prove in photos, artistic creations, etchings, and older arts depicting old gods, for example, Hercules—guys are delineated with well-created pectoral muscles. In older times enhanced pectoral muscles were due to hard labor and work and were not due to gymnasium. Luckily today men have not faced challenges like past. Pectoral Implant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi & Pakistan have made life easier for them. Because these kinds of implants can solve different aesthetic problems. A man can improve his looks by enlarging, shaping and firming existing pectoral muscles but at the end look obtained seems natural.

It also has functional applications like dealing with issues due to trauma or congenital disease. They can also be used to deal with birth deformities for example muscle or bone problems due to Spina Bifida. Collision sports like football and accidents can result into pectoral muscles dislocation these kinds of issues can also be deal with pectoral implants.

Is it right for you?

Before having breast implant surgery consult your doctor he will suggest you whether you should have a surgery or not. He will guide you about your goals whether they are achievable or not, be realistic in this case and tell your doctor everything you want from this surgery.

When should someone have Pectoral implants?

In these cases you can have pectoral implant:

  • In case you feel-conscious due to under-developed pectoral muscles.
  • If you are a sports man and want to enhance your chest contour.
  • If you naturally have asymmetric al or deformed chest by birth.

Final thoughts:

So pectoral implants can your body look better than before. You cannot only use them aesthetically to improve your look but can also deal with natural deformities, genetical disease and deformities result from sports and accidents. But it would be better to consult a doctor before having pectoral implant as a doctor can guide you better in this case. Moreover before having pectoral implants get enough knowledge about the Breast treatment, like its risks, complications and benefits also.