Can I combine thread lift with other treatments

The latest aesthetics and technology are making it feasible for patients to look their best without surgery. Patients often ask about combining aesthetic treatments for the best results, even though each is unique and effective. One of my most frequently asked inquiries is whether fillers may help thread lifts. 

Thread lifts and fillers can be mixed. However, whether they are necessary for everyone is another story. So, let’s find out!

What is Thread lift?

A thread lift is a less invasive treatment that uses surgical suture threads to raise a patient’s nose or skin slightly. Face thread lifts elevate sagging skin and tissue, whereas nose thread lifts define the nasal bridge. Both methods are thread lifts. During a thread lift, many threads are attached to a long cannula and driven through the soft tissues beneath the skin or nose. 

How to Use Thread Lift with Other Treatments?

Thread lifts are safe and flexible for the skin. You can get further facial procedures after a thread lift. The combo has an interesting effect on your skin! Five treatments can be paired with thread lift.

Filler And Thread Lifts:

Face operations like filler can be paired with thread lifts to produce the desired effects. The skin effects of both procedures are remarkable. This is because thread lift and filler rejuvenate your face and skin.

First, the thread lift tightens the targeted skin, and second, dermal filler reduces wrinkles around the treated area. After these two facials, your skin may seem younger and more invigorated.

Your skin’s smoothness, facial contour enhancement, and volume increase are obvious. The best thing is that thread lift increases collagen production, so effects persist longer. The face filler’s hyaluronic acid fills the skin, eliminating creases and lines.

Wrinkles Treatments and Thread Lift:

Wrinkles are a common skin issue as people age. Skin metabolism reduces collagen and elastin production. Thread lifting increases skin metabolism, which produces collagen and elastin.

Both substrates will prevent wrinkles and other skin issues. You’ll get perfect wrinkle relaxer results around the brow and between the eyes, which thread lifts often cannot cover. The doctor prepares to inject the thread into the appropriate skin areas. Next, when ready, apply a wrinkle relaxer to your skin.

Laser Treatment And Thread Lift:

Modern facial treatments, such as facial lasers, can be combined with thread lifts to obtain the desired effects. For instance, if you want to avoid wrinkles yet have acne scars and sun-induced dark patches, laser rejuvenation and thread lift are great for gorgeous skin.

Laser rejuvenation can remove acne scars, chickenpox, and other sun-related skin conditions. Specialists prescribe this treatment for hyperpigmentation. Laser rejuvenation is great for mouth, eye, and cheek skin.

Peeling And Thread Lift:

Acne treatment is challenging because it requires the right treatments. Luckily, a thread lift is a recommended treatment. For optimum results, combine the treatment with an acne peel.

Do not worry! Treatment with acne peel and thread lift is fine. These two treatments will produce soft, hydrated skin, which is wanted. Acne peel therapy removes acne to reduce scars and peels.

PRP And Thread Lift:

Platelet-rich plasma skin therapy can be done before or after thread lift skin therapy. The doctor will draw your blood for this procedure. Your blood will be drawn for platelet-rich protein plasma.

Do not worry! Only two or three spoons of blood are needed for this procedure. The doctor will inject PRP under the eyes. Patients can wait 3-4 weeks for findings. PRP injections, like thread lift skin therapy, encourage collagen production in the skin’s surrounding area.

Where Do You Need Thread Lift?

Threads can raise locations like the following with the right skills and strategies.

  • Nasolabial areas
  • Chins and jawlines
  • The brows
  • The neck
  • The nose
  • Multiple areas of the face.

Cost of Combination Treatments:

The cost of thread lift treatment in Islamabad ranges between 50,000 PKR to 170,000 PKR. Combining thread lift with other treatments offers a complete face rejuvenation. This strategy lets you address multiple issues and get the best results. You can confidently pursue aesthetics if you understand cost factors and explore ways to cut costs.

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