Can Pico laser in Islamabad damage skin?

Hundreds of skincare treatments are performed to improve skin today. While men and women are getting more skin-sensitive, many are also dealing with skin flaws. The cutting-edge PICO Laser Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan can address skin issues. Its effectiveness and non-invasiveness make it a perfect anti-aging treatment.

Explain a Pico Laser

Pico Laser represents the most advanced and precise technology for treating various skin diseases. Skin pigmentation and wrinkles are only two of many issues this surgery can fix. Many dermatologists recommend this skin care therapy because it can be utilized in many conditions. You may remove unwanted tattoos and skin issues with this amazing method. It also treats skin issues. This method uses picosecond radiation pulses to cure specific spots without hurting the surrounding areas. Choose the best dermatologist for amazing results.

How does it work?

According to Dynamic cosmetics, it works in 30–40 minutes and produces desirable results. This highly effective treatment makes skin look new and improves tone, texture, and complexion. This technique also removes tattoos. The most secure tool is a portable device. The gadget beam will disintegrate pigments like dust during the procedure. One of the safest and most successful laser treatments, this one targets several skin flaws.

  • Scars, frequently acne-related.
  • Fine lines.
  • The sun harms.
  • Some regions are dark.
  • Stretch marks, etc.
  • Most candidates seek effective results, so they go through more than three to four sessions.

Ideal candidates:

Melasma, various skin disorders, and all skin types can benefit from this treatment. This suits all candidates. Treatment is available for many skin issues. Candidates with skin issues include:

  • Acne or scars cover their faces.
  • Disliked skin tone
  • Anti-aging therapy
  • Multi-location blackheads
  • Pregnant or nursing women and individuals with major skin issues should not use this treatment.

Situations Pico Laser Handles:

In addition to treating many skin problems, the pico laser can remove tattoos from any part of the body at any time. PICO Laser Treatment in Islamabad can address several major issues, including those below.

Using a pico laser, the practitioner or skin care specialist can help remove unwanted tattoos permanently. Two to three sessions are needed for pico laser effectiveness. The tattoo color may affect the number of sessions.

Some acne scars are severe and last months to years. Pico laser treatment is recommended for acne scars, which are your main concern. The procedure is painless and uses laser light to target the therapy region. This increases collagen production, which boosts the body’s natural healing process. Five to six pico laser sessions are needed to eradicate stubborn acne spots. You will then see your desired results.

What to do After choosing the procedure?

After choosing the procedure, you must consult with your doctor. Your practitioner must know about your present and past medical conditions, diseases, and prescriptions throughout this session. After reviewing your medical history and skin condition, your practitioner will advise you on health-related steps. Some popular advice:

  • Freshly tanned skin cannot be treated.
  • Avoid the sun for too long.
  • Do not wax your face.
  • Avoid Botox and hair removal.


The therapy is simple and takes about 30 minutes. Laser-protective eyewear will be given to you at the start of the process. The practitioner will strongly advise you to close your eyes during treatment.

After the cleanser removes dirt and bacteria from the face, the laser beam targets the cleaned areas. Eyewear should stay on until treatment is finished. Although it doesn’t hurt, you may get pinpricks throughout the operation.

The calming cream or lotion will be applied immediately after the laser procedure. Applying this cream relaxes and cools the face.


Due to its many benefits, PICO Laser Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan is used to cure facial skin and make it glow. Here are some benefits:

  • It generally improves and beautifies the skin.
  • Lowest downtime possible.
  • The skin is evened out, and flaws are corrected.
  • A brief session will have lasting impacts.
  • The absence of anesthetics is crucial.
  • Feeling refreshed.
  • The skin glows and looks younger.
  • It removes blackheads and scars.
  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles.

Care afterward: Pico laser Follow-up care:

Post-PicoSure skin care is essential for a speedy and painless recovery. Your doctor should provide detailed PicoSure post-treatment instructions. General tips for preventing inflammation include gentle skin care. Given this information, execute these steps:

  • Avoid touching the treated area, or wash your hands before handling it. 
  • Avoid tight garments over the treated area because they may aggravate it.  
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. 
  • Try to avoid activities that cause sweating, which can aggravate the treated area.  
  • Try to keep the treated area dry and clean using gentle cleansers.
  • If you notice pus, pain, or fever, contact your doctor immediately.

PICO Laser Treatment Costs:

PICO laser treatment costs 15,000 PKR per session, depending on the number of sessions needed after the initial consultation.

  • Masterful practitioner.
  • Clinic location and reputation matter.
  • Session criteria exist.

Please contact us with any treatment cost questions. We are pleased to provide additional information to help. 

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