Dental Restorations in Islamabad

Dental restoration is a medical treatment to cure weak, rotten, or decayed teeth and to replace the missing ones. It is recommended for people who are facing any problems with their teeth. This treatment can easily fix the problems of fractured teeth also be used to remove the teeth structures to prevent permanent decay. It also fills the gaps between the teeth also used to correct injuries.

Benefits of Dental Restoration:

This treatment has many benefits like:

  • The restoration treatment improves the weak dental structure.
  • It gives you a beautiful smile and confidence.
  • Many teeth problems are solved.
  • Helps in relieving the pain due to rotten teeth.
  • Reduce the problems of speaking.
  • It fixed up the chewing problems.
  • This treatment has long-lasting results.
  • Prevent permanent decay.
  • Helps to get back your missing teeth.

Results of Dental Restoration:

The results of the treatment are long-lasting, satisfactory, and marvelous. A person can feel and see the results within 24 hours of the treatment. The results are quick and a person can easily feel the difference in teeth. A little care like brushing teeth daily and gently, use of dental floss can make teeth strong.

Types of Dental Restoration:

The treatment has many types. The dentist chooses the treatment type depending on the nature of the problem. The problem determines the restoration type needed. Some restorations can be done in a single office visit but some restorations need follow-up visits also. A few types are discussed below:

  • Root Canal

It is a restoration that is done when the inner soft part or pulp of the tooth is decayed or infected. There is a certain reason for the decay of pulp however, the treatment is done in the dentist’s office under proper supervision. The doctor put a small amount of anesthesia through injection in the gum of the infected tooth. Once it’s done, a minor opening is made at the top of the tooth to get rid of the pulp. After removing the pulp, medications are applied and the cavity is filled. It is done in 2 visits.

  • Crowns:

The most common types of restoration treatment is crowns. It is required when your teeth became weak and decay. Crowns are the best method of protection as in this treatment, a tooth-shaped cover specifically called as cap is placed over the decayed tooth to restore the shape and look of teeth. Crowns are a permanent method of restoration.

  • Bridges:

The bridges are used to treat and replace the missing teeth as they are custom-made teeth that look like natural teeth also function naturally. They significantly fill the gaps or cracks created by missing teeth. There are four types of bridges like Maryland, traditional, traditional and cantilever, etc. The nature of the problem decides the type of bridge being used.

  • Dental Bonding 

One of the most commonly recommended types of dental restoration for teeth problems is dental bonding. In this treatment, the stained, cracked, or broken teeth are treated. The treatment protects tooth enamel by covering it. The results of dental enamel are long-lasting as it can last up to 10 years easily.

  • Dentures 

A perfect replacement for missing teeth and fleshy tissue in the surrounding area. Dentures have a few categories like partial dentures, full dentures, flexible and temporary dentures. The full dentures replace the whole set of teeth and can last up to 10 years. Whereas, partial replacing the upper set or lower set of teeth. Temporary dentures or immediate dentures are those that fitted right after the removal of teeth and flexible dentures are a type of partial dentures.

Cost of Dental Restoration:

The cost of Dental Restoration in Islamabad is 7,000 PKR. Understand the point, it depends on the number of teeth and the condition of the client’s mouth.

Moreover, the cost depends upon a few factors like:

Doctor’s Fee 

A big cost factor is the dentist’s fee as few doctors are expensive and few are not also some charge for follow-ups.

Location of Clinic 

The clinic’s location is a major cost factor because the hospital located in lavish areas are expensive and vice versa.

Restoration Type:

The type of restoration being preferred is the cost factor as every treatment has its charges, features, and advantages.


Dental restorations are common, hygienic, and safe treatments to protect your teeth or replace decayed teeth. If you want to sort out all of your issues regarding teeth then must consider us and visit us as we are providing expert dentists with affordable charges. Our Dynamic Clinic in Islamabad gives you the safest, hygienic, and long-lasting treatment. Our experts will guide you better and treat you better.