Difference between your 3D HIFU and regular HIFU treatment in Islamabad

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) has become a famous way to tighten the skin. Moreover, it is a non-surgical process. Additionally, new kinds of HIFU, like 3D HIFU, have emerged as technology has improved. Therefore, it is now considered better than a simple one. Similarly, it offers better outcomes. However, people often ask, “What Is the Difference Between Your 3D HIFU & Regular HIFU Treatment in Islamabad. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss all this in detail.

HIFU Treatment:

HIFU is known for its best results and does not require any surgical procedures. Moreover, the focused ultrasound energy in HIFU works at the deepest layers of the skin. Therefore, it increases collagen production. Furthermore, it tightens the skin and gives volume to the features. It has minimum downtime and long-lasting effects.

Difference Between Your 3D HIFU & Regular HIFU Treatment in Islamabad

The new non-surgical techniques, HIFU and 3D HIFU, are each made to lift and tighten the skin. Further, it mainly works best on the face and neck. Moreover, they have a few things in common. However, there are also difference between 3D HIFU & Regular HIFU.

  • Regular HIFU:

With HIFU, directed ultrasound strength goes deep into the skin. Therefore, focusing on deep tissue levels to enhance collagen production. Thus, it makes the skin tighter. Additionally, this remedy works to rejuvenate the face as an entire by lifting drooping skin. It also decreases lines and improves the skin’s shape and tone for people who need a non-invasive option to conventional facelift procedures with little healing time.

  • 3D HIFU:

It works the same way as regular HIFU does. However, 3D HIFU delivers ultrasound strength in multiple sizes. Therefore, hitting specific areas of the skin simultaneously results in higher results. It stepped forward, making it possible to tighten the skin better. Thus giving the face a more lifted and refreshed appearance. 3D HIFU is splendid for individuals who want an advanced remedy. It is more beneficial for skin that is more sagged and has more signs of aging.

3D HIFU Treatment:

3-D-HIFU is the ultra-modern generation that targets unique centered fat regions within the fastest viable treatment time. This era works with the aid of turning in targeted strength. It works at 1.3cm and 8mm intensities to smash fat cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave affects heating under the skin. Moreover, it efficaciously destroys the fat cells and tightens the skin inside the place treated. The broken cells are flushed away through a natural removal technique through the lymphatic machine.

Things That Make 3D HIFU Remedy Precise:

If you have a question, What Is the Difference Between Your 3D HIFU & Regular HIFU Treatment in Islamabad? The following are the main features of this treatment.

Multidimensional Energy Delivery: 3D HIFU is different from everyday HIFU. It grants ultrasound electricity in multiple measurements, working on distinctive layers of skin at an equal time. This all-encompassing method aims to produce even results and cope with various problems.

Treatment Depth Customization: With this, doctors can exchange the intensity of the strength entry to suit every patient’s wishes. These adaptability options permit personalized treatment plans for precise body and face areas. Moreover, it boosts effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Better Safety and Accuracy: As generations have progressed, this system has grown to be more accurate and safer. Moreover, it decreases the danger of detrimental consequences while increasing the effectiveness of remedies.

Final Verdict:

Regular HIFU treatments and 3D HIFU treatments are both non-invasive methods. It tightens and lifts the skin, and both have their very own blessings. Normal HIFU works well for many humans. However, 3-D HIFU is a newer choice for unique and thorough remedies.

In the end, the selection among the two is predicated on matters like the treatment you want, your skin condition, and the advice of your Dermatologist. Speaking to a qualified skin care professional to figure out the first-rate remedy plan for your needs and preferred outcomes is crucial. Consult with Dynamic Clinic PK for expert advice about the best treatment option.