Do you sleep with lash extensions in Islamabad?

Your new lash extensions are gorgeous! You want to keep them whole, fluffy, and perfect. Thus, proper eyelash extension care, including sleep, is crucial.

The “right” way to sleep with lash extensions involves everything from your sleeping position to your pillowcase. Sleeping with lash extensions is an important part of aftercare and can affect their longevity.

Our Lash Lounge training staff has provided expert tips on sleeping with eyelash extensions!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Lashes’ length and volume can determine an individual’s personality. Natural lashes often cause unhappiness and discontent, so people seek treatment to mask this flaw and improve their grace.

Eyelash extensions, comprised of natural or synthetic fibers, add thickness and style. It adds volume and thickness to natural lashes to make the eyes look bold and appealing. People with short or sparse lashes might choose this approach to add elegance and aggression to their appearance.

Can you Sleep with an Eyelash Extension?

This may surprise you, but there is a perfect way to sleep with lash extensions. I’m sorry to disappoint stomach sleepers, but back sleep is best. Thus, every lovely lash will stay in place.

It may be hard to change if you don’t sleep on your back. If sleeping on your side is more comfortable, that’s fine! Be aware that a few lashes on your pillow are normal.

Synthetic Lashes:

Their structure uses high-quality synthetic materials like skil, polyester, or acrylic fibers. Because of its darker appearance, this lash is favored by those seeking a bold and voluminous effect. They are lighter, softer, and more flexible than typical lashes and are meant to enhance sparse natural lashes. In addition, they are designed to retain their shape and curl over time.

Mink lashes:

Mink lashes, the epitome of elegance, give the face a dreamy, delicate look. Naturally-furred mink lashes are a pleasure because they look natural and attractive—naturally-furred mink lashes.

Silk lashes:

Artificial silk gives these lashes a lustrous sheen. Although lighter, they still make the face look attractive. Silk lashes show sophistication. Try them and be captured by their captivating enchantment, which enhances the eyes with vivid and mesmerizing glory.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  • This cosmetic procedure improves eye look immediately.
  • The product targets the length, volume, and thickness of natural lashes.
  • We feel better and look younger.
  • Everyone can get the desired results since it is a customized cosmetic procedure.
  • Extensions are available based on event requirements.
  • The flawless blend, natural lash tone, and face symmetry are significant benefits.
  • People with thin or sparse lashes have the best option.
  • Eyelash extensions in Islamabad are also suitable for sensitive eyes.

How to Sleep with Lash Extensions?

This may surprise you, but there is a perfect way to sleep with lash extensions. I’m sorry to disappoint stomach sleepers, but back sleep is best. Thus, every lovely lash will stay in place. We understand that changing your patterns may be difficult if you don’t back sleep.

Steps Before the Procedure:

Before starting the operation, the surgeon or practitioner assesses the patient’s skin health, natural lash length, color, size, and needs. The surgeon or practitioner also asks about the patient’s preferences to create a suitable treatment. Practitioners clean the skin to reduce the risk of infection. After that, they remove the normal lashes using special equipment and apply the extended lashes with an adhesive that dries outside.

Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?

  • Natural thin or sparse eyelashes
  • To lengthen and volumize your natural lashes,
  • To look bold and beautiful,
  • If you desire a low-maintenance makeup routine, you’re tired of your frantic routine.
  • Consider avoiding mascara and strip lashes for a unique look for an event.
  • To get the perfect eyelash length and facial symmetry


  • Keep your extended lashes dry.
  • Avoid touching or pulling connected lashes to prevent early loss.
  • Avoid mascara because it can damage adhesive.
  • The treated area should not be exposed to the sun or excessive temperatures.
  • Waterproof cosmetics are not advised.

Cost of Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad:

Eyelash extensions cost in Islamabad  starts from PKR 10,000. The cost of this treatment is usually dictated by several factors. The cost of this operation varies according to the type of lashes, the practitioner’s reputation, the clinic’s location, and other criteria.

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Eyelash extensions in Islamabad can enhance your beauty. Eyelash extensions enhance their appearance. Because it doesn’t entail surgery or other intrusive treatments, this cosmetic therapy can improve your facial beauty, appearance, and self-image. It will look shiny and require little maintenance, saving you time.

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