Eyelash transplantation using leg hair by follicular unit extraction

The eyelashes are a feature of the body that protects your eyes from foreign substances and aids in eye closure. The presence or absence of a person has an impact on their personality. They also aid in the development of self-esteem and confidence. They play a function in ocular protection. They have an impact on attractiveness as well as interpersonal relationships. The hair is taken from the nape of the neck or the scalp. These regions serve as potential donors. However, the hairs in these areas have a coarse appearance and grow rapidly, making them candidates for proper maintenance and care. Eyelash transplantation using leg hair by follicular unit extraction for the extension of eyelashes will give your eyes a more aesthetic look.

Ideal Candidates:

  • For this surgery, the patient must be in good health and they do not have any comorbidities.
  • Some people are suffering from autoimmune diseases which affect lashes e.g. they may suffer from loss o lashes etc. Patients who suffer from autoimmune illnesses that cause lash loss may have a difficult time recovering from surgery. Those people must not go for this type of surgery.
  • Any type of surgery is affected by the blood coagulants. Hence the patient must not be on a blood thinners diet otherwise they will have difficulty in the clotting blood.
  • A person must not have any infection or he must not be prone to any infection

Eyelashes Transplant Cost in Pakistan:

The average cost of Eyelash transplantation using leg hair by follicular unit extraction in Islamabad, Pakistan is PKR … to PKR … It is an extremely delicate procedure that should only be performed by experienced and competent surgeons. Furthermore, a few factors can influence your cost, such as:

  1. Anesthesia and medicines are used throughout the procedure.
  2. The total amount of grafts used.
  3. Additional fees may apply.
  4. The clinic’s location and repute.
  5. Fee for an expert practitioner.
  6. Charges for maintenance sessions.

Transplant Before and After Results:

Although surgical treatments to assist patients to grow longer lashes are now available, it’s crucial to be aware of the many types of transplant outcomes. Any cosmetic surgery aims to produce results that appear natural as if they were the consequence of your own good fortune.


FUE procedures are used to perform body hair transplants. FUE operations can be simple or complex, depending on the skin qualities of the patient and his hair type.

  1. In general, 2000 grafts can be transplanted in an 8- to 9-hour operation day, separated into two steps. In the first step, graft extraction is done, and in the next placement of the graft in their respective recipient sites.
  2. This is a scarless procedure.
  3. Each follicular unit is incised using a very small punch with a diameter of less than 1 mm, which can be manual or done with any special instrument.
  4. The follicles are then removed from the skin, leaving tiny patches with a diameter of less than 1 mm. The place of grafts taking area on the skin recovers quickly.


For a specific patient population of hirsute persons who suffer from severe baldness or have insufficient scalp donor reserve, FUE utilizing the body can be an efficient transplantation method.

  1. More gain with less pain
  2. Fuller and thicker
  3. Enhanced self-assurance
  4. Scarring is minimal.
  5. Can be carried out in the office
  6. Improved recuperation time

Eyelashes Transplant Risks and Precautions:

This surgery will give you long and thick lashes with time. Experts have noted, however, that the treatment has drawbacks:

  1. The expense is the most significant downside.
  2. The lashes will also need to be maintained
  3. These lashes need to be clipped and curled on a regular basis.
  4. It’s possible that it’ll irritate your eyes.
  5. They may even grow inward into the eye, causing discomfort and possible scarring of the cornea.

Is Eyelash Transplant Permanent?

  • The results will be more lasting as a transplant has been done instead of doing only an extension.
  • Unlike lash extensions, which require maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks, it has been stated that this surgery provides more lasting results because it is technically a type of transplant surgery.
  • Regular maintenance is required.
  • This is because they can become lengthy and may require trimming.

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