How Long After the Facelift Will I Look Normal?

Facelift in Islamabad can give you the youthful glow of your choice. But, to have saggy and loose skin is very typical. You should not be ashamed of it because ageing is a natural process. But we are here to help you if you want to avoid the appearance of ageing signs on your skin.

This treatment will provide you with tight skin and help you to feel young. Nobody needs to know your age as you do not want to tell. Now, the development in the cosmetic industry is giving you a solution for every existing skin concern. Therefore, you should avail this opportunity. Keep reading this blog to know more!

Why Do People Need Facelift Treatment?

It is a procedure in which a dermatologist helps to fix your loose skin. As we grow up, our skin starts to get saggy, and our faces might get wrinkles. A facelift is a unique operation where doctors make the skin on your face tighter and smoother. It makes people look more youthful. Its results are long-lasting. Also, when you look better, you feel more confident.

Who Is The Right Candidate?

A suitable candidate for a facelift procedure is one who:

  • Show visible signs of facial ageing, such as sagging skin and wrinkles.
  • Are in good overall health.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Maintain an average weight.
  • Emotionally prepare for surgery.
  • Consult with a plastic surgeon for personalised advice.

The Outcomes:

Here are the primary possibilities that you may experience after getting the treatment:

  • Smoothen wrinkles and lines on your face to make your skin look younger.
  • It lifts saggy skin to make it firm and tight.
  • Makes you look years younger.
  • Offers long-lasting results for years.
  • Boosts confidence and happiness.
  • Creates natural-looking results.

How does the Facelift Procedure Performed?

  • The surgeon will ask about your expectations before the procedure. Also, they will examine your face and general well-being to decide your suitability.
  • Anaesthesia will be given to you on the day of the procedure to make it less uncomfortable.
  • After that, The surgeon will carefully make incisions in your skin. They often begin close to your hairline, slide in front of your ear, and wrap around the back of it. These cuts are made in less visible locations.
  • After making those cuts, The surgeon will carefully lift your skin and the tissues beneath it.
  • The muscles and tissues underneath your skin will also be tightened at that point. It restores any drooping and gives your face a younger appearance.
  • After making the necessary adjustments, the surgeon uses stitches to close the cuts. They do this very carefully to avoid scars.
  • Subsequently, your face may be temporarily puffy and bruised after the surgery.
  • As swelling decreases, your face will start to look better and younger over the next weeks and months.

Recovery Period:

  • Right after the facelift procedure, you spend the first day or two in the clinic, waking completely from anaesthesia.
  • During the first week, the face is still very swollen and bruised, but it starts to get better.
  • Most people can go back to work after about 10 to 14 days. However, you might still have some bruising and swelling.
  • The swelling and bruising keep going down, and your face looks better. You can do more regular things by now.
  • After one to three months, leftover swelling and little issues keep improving. You can start doing regular activities.
  • After about six months, your face looks its best, and it can even get better for up to a year. You will have a more youthful look that lasts for a long time.

Best Surgeon for Facelift Treatment:

Dr. Naveed Azhar at Dynamic Clinic Islamabad is a skilled surgeon. He uses advanced surgical treatments. Furthermore, he has built a solid reputation by performing complicated facelift procedures with so much ease. Also, he is renowned for being careful during the treatment process. Moreover, he ensures the patient knows what will happen during the treatment.

The Bottom Line!

Facelift in Islamabad is a fantastic magic trick for those who want to look younger. However, this unique procedure is done by expert surgeons at Dynamic Clinic Islamabad to treat sagging skin and wrinkles. There will be some downtime for the appearance of results. Yet, you will be amazed once the healing process is complete.

Experience the magic by yourself by booking a consultation with us now!