Is there a way to change your ear shape in Islamabad?

Ear malformations are common and can affect a person’s appearance. Although ear deformities may not be dangerous, they may make your ears look weird. Numerous ear abnormalities exist. Otoplasty or ear reshaping is a procedure that puts a lot of focus on the size, position or shape of the ears in order to enhance the way ears look.

Otoplasty might have consequences such as allergies, bleeding, side effects, or reduced sensation. If your ears don’t seem right, consider ear reshaping in Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is ear shaping? 

Surgical ear reshaping, or otoplasty, modifies the ears’ size, position, and shape. Almost anyone can look better and feel more confident after this contouring operation. This treatment can fix large ears or abnormalities. 

Who is a Good Candidate? 

You must be a good candidate if you want to experience ear reshaping in Islamabad. The practitioner will assess your situation and suggest a solution. Some of the most important signs of suitable candidates are: 

  • People with protruding ears. 
  • Those born with microtia or macrotia ear abnormalities. 
  • People with damaged or unequal earlobes. 
  • Some people dislike their ears’ form, size, or symmetry. 
  • Children and adults seek more self-confidence and face harmony. 


  • Enhancements to the ears’ appearance 
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence 
  • Birth deformities must be corrected. 
  • Improved face symmetry and proportion 
  • The removal of prominent ears 
  • Restored social and professional confidence 
  • Overall facial harmony improvement 
  • An improved quality of life due to ear aesthetics 

Otoplasty/Ear Reshaping Results: 

Patients see an improvement in their ears after otoplasty. The goals and scope of the operation determine the results, which may include smaller, more symmetrical, or better-positioned ears. Treatments for prominent ears and abnormalities might improve facial features that match the overall appearance. Patients often feel more confident and happy when their ears look better. Ifoplasty can lead an otoplasty to long-term success and patient satisfaction after healing and care. 


Reshaping of the Ears Otoplasty is performed without overnight hospitalization. The complexity and therapy will decide the time, which will be three to four hours. 

The treatment will be given to toddlers and adults under local anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is recommended for children undergoing ear surgery but may be necessary for specific situations. 

Typically, the procedure includes: 

A cut is planned on the back or between the ear folds. Operating on ear tissue internally requires skin removal, folding, and cartilage creation with long-lasting stitches. 

Stitches are made to close cuts. After treatment, the physician bandages the ear to support and preserve it. 

Post-Treatment Care:

To heal the treated region faster and achieve a great outcome, continue attending sessions following treatment. 

  • Wash your head and face well. 
  • Avoid scratching your ears. 
  • Avoid touching ears at all costs. 
  • To relieve pain, medication will be given. 
  • Avoid physical exercise at all costs. 
  • Take outdoor safety precautions. 
  • Wear button-up shirts that are easier to pull over your head. 
  • Visit us to remove bandages and sutures. 

Is it Beneficial? 

Here are some of the benefits of ear reshaping: 

  • There are no downsides.
  • Zero marks. 
  • Social anxiety will end. 
  • The uneven ear formation will be altered. 
  • A lasting result. 
  • Successful treatment. 
  • Your morale will rise. 
  • This improves facial beauty. 
  • The emotional state improves. 

Aftercare precautions: 

Patients are advised to wear a headband or bandage around their ears for a set time to support and shape their ears. 

For many weeks after surgery, patients should avoid intense activity like lifting heavy things or exercising to prevent problems and enhance healing. 

Patients should follow the surgeon’s instructions to clean and care for incisions to reduce infection risk. 

Regular follow-up sessions with the surgeon are necessary to check recovery and address any difficulties. 

Patients should avoid hitting or damaging their ears while healing to preserve surgical results. 

Ear reshaping costs in Islamabad: 

Ear reshaping cost in Islamabad starts from PKR 90,0000 to PKR 190,000 depends on amount of work required. The cost will vary for each patient depending on the procedure’s complexity, desired outcomes, surgeon fees, and clinic location. Contact your surgeons for an exact pricing estimate. 

Book Your Consultation! 

Ear reshaping affects a person’s appearance and self-esteem. Knowledge of the surgical technique, a competent surgeon, and assessment of the prospective benefits are needed for a successful outcome and long-lasting results. The Dynamic Clinic PK has world-class surgeons who can perform otoplasty treatments and get great results. Choose us for ear reshaping and receive surgery from top experts. Book a Consultation today!