Skin Whitening and Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad

Clear and pale skin is a gift from God, but not everyone is endowed with it. People used to employ obsolete technology for this reason, but they actually cause more harm than benefit. Although beauty standards differ over the world, one universal demand is for a gleaming appearance that sets you apart from everyone else. Because of technological advancements and increased public awareness, traditional methods of whitening eliminating any spots, or lightening the tone are no longer used. After Permanent Skin Whitening and Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, you can now get the hue of your choice.

Ideal candidates:

You are completely incorrect if you believe that you can receive this treatment at any age and for any disease. There are various prerequisites that must be met in order for you to be considered eligible and suitable for the procedure:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to receive treatment from a qualified medical professional.
  2. You can’t be expecting a child.
  3. There must not be any thin layers.
  4. If you have acne scars, this treatment will work.
  5. If your skin is dry and flaky,
  6. Sunburns cause spots for a variety of reasons.

No gender restriction is employed and people of any gender can go for the procedure.


There is a wide range of choices available to lighten up your color but those which are best are described here:

●     Chemical peels

With the employment of peeling agents, the outer layer becomes even. It causes a peeling action when applied to the part being treated. The damaged and uneven upper layer will peel away. If the pigment is in the upper layer, it will be eliminated, and a new layer will develop, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

●     Laser treatment

The usage of a laser is one of the most effective approaches to solving your problem. This is an extremely efficient method that may target specific areas with great precision and accuracy. Healthy tissues will not be harmed by the targeted laser action. It only takes a few minutes to brighten up your. Laser treatment also reduces melanocyte formation, resulting in a lighter complexion.

●     Whitening injections

Antioxidants in our bodies act as natural antiaging agents. They also protect it from damage. They generally are also involved in lightening up the tone in humans. Hence, foreign chemicals which have the same actions can be taken to from outside to meet the demand as this chemical is also involved in the regeneration of tissues. Melanin- which gives the body a darker appearance- production is also inhibited by it. They are injected into bodies as booster doses to get the desired results.

●    Microdermabrasion

It is a beauty treatment. A skin care specialist uses a small hand-held instrument to remove the top layer. Microdermabrasion can exfoliate the layers, minimize indications of aging, and even out the tone. All types are safe for the procedure. The operation is normally performed by a healthcare professional, but some retailers sell at-home kits.


Well if you are looking for the benefits of the whitening procedure then there are a lot. Some of them are:

  1. It is quick
  2. Results will be visible immediately
  3. No downtime
  4. Safe and effective
  5. Self-esteem is boosted


It is usually determined by the individual’s state of health. It also relies on the clinic’s location and the person doing the procedure’s experience. Permanent Skin Whitening and Pigmentation Treatment costs between 15,000 PKR to 25,000 PKR. in Islamabad. At Dynamic Clinic, we will provide you with the best outcomes at the most reasonable prices.

Why choose us?

Our sole recommendation is that you seek the advice of a highly experienced dermatologist for Permanent Skin Whitening and Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad. It’s no laughing matter when it comes to. It is without a doubt one of life’s most important components. It’s OK if you leave your skin alone, but if you do something about it, be sure it’s for the better, or else it’ll be a disaster. Consult us by filling out the form below or call us on the given number.