What are your options for reconstructive treatments of burns?

Injury or wounds resulting from burn accidents are often associated with traumatic experiences. These accidents not only leave horrible memories behind but can also cause skin damage. The burns caused by these accidents can be painful to the eye and are even difficult to treat. Burn victims are often too painful, and their skin and body are affected by the accident. It used to be possible to remove or treat scars from burns. So, what are the options for reconstructive treatments of burns? Let us find out!

What Is Burn And Reconstructive Surgery?

Burn, and Reconstructive Surgery is a specialty of medicine focused on treating and healing burn injuries. Their practice encompasses acute care for burns, reconstructive surgeries, and comprehensive rehabilitation to restore mental and physical well-being.

Burn reconstructive surgery helps burn sufferers resume their normal daily activities. Numerous people all over the world have had their lives completely changed by this operation. It aids with the healing of both internal and external wounds. Many people have benefited from this surgical technique in their recovery from burns. This surgical treatment can help repair burn wounds after a traumatic accident that you or a loved one endured.

Why You Should Get Reconstructive Surgery?

In general, the reasons can be many, but some are particularly important:

  • Burn wounds can be healed faster, and infections are prevented.
  • Surgical interventions may alleviate pain from burns.
  • Burn injuries can affect the ability to move and function.
  • Support and counselling for those suffering from psychological trauma
  • Improve appearance by addressing disfigurement and scarring.
  • The impact of scars is minimized on mobility and beauty.
  • Enhancing well-being overall for a higher quality of life.
  • Supporting patients’ reintegration back into society following injury.


  • It is important to help people gain their confidence back.
  • Reduce the chance of infection.
  • It reduces non-viable tissue.

Postoperative Care: 

Follow the instructions given to you after surgery. This will help you heal faster and get the best results, both in function and appearance. You will need to attend follow-up visits so your surgeon can assess your long-term results and answer questions. As many different procedures can be done, the postoperative instructions you receive may differ. 

A “bolster dressing” is usually required to keep skin grafts secure for 3-5 consecutive days. The bolster helps to make the skin graft “stick” and starts the healing process. If the operation is small (scar revisions, Zplasties), you may only need a small soft dressing. After scars are removed from the hand, your surgeon will place you in an additional dressing that includes a plaster support.

Advanced Procedures For Burn Treatment:

There are also a range of viable treatments to help you overcome your burn wounds.

  • Skin Grafting

This method is called skin grafts. This is called a skin graft. Skin from the buttocks or thighs is used to cover a burned area. The new tissue helps to regenerate more new cells of skin while healing the burned area.

  • Tissue Expansion

This procedure promotes new skin using a balloon which looks like an expanding device. This expanding balloon contains saline. Over time, the balloon stretches and causes the skin’s expansion and stretching. The balloon will be removed once the skin has reached the ideal size.

  • Microsurgery

It’s a complicated procedure done at a microscopic scale. The practitioner can reconnect nerves and blood vessels with precision to promote optimal healing.

  • Flap Surgery

The flap surgical process involves transferring a specific section of tissue, such as skin, blood vessels, and even muscle, from an unaffected area to one that has been damaged.

Cost of burn reconstructive treatment in Islamabad:

The cost of burn reconstructive surgery is different for each patient. The following factors can affect the final cost:

  • The depth of the wound.
  • The experience of a plastic surgeon
  • The location and reputation of a clinic/hospital.

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