What Factors Can Make You Ineligible for Bariatric Surgery?

In order to lose weight, many people have been turning to bariatric surgery in Islamabad. However, not everyone qualifies for this operation. Doctors have guidelines about who can and cannot receive it. Since it’s a significant matter. Let’s discuss the reasons why certain individuals might not be eligible for bariatric surgery.

When other approaches have failed, bariatric surgery can help someone shed a lot of weight. But it differs from receiving a routine checkup. Doctors need to be cautious about who they do it on. Because it might be harmful. Read our blog for more information.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a special surgery that helps people who are very overweight lose a lot of weight. You can’t eat as much since they either reduce stomach size or alter how the stomach functions. When other weight-loss methods fail and being extremely overweight is causing health issues, doctors consider this surgery. It can help you lose a lot of weight and feel better, but you’ll need to make long-term, significant adjustments to the way you live and eat. So, it’s a significant choice to consider carefully.

The Procedure:

  • Doctors decide if the surgery is right for you.
  • They give you anesthesia to make you sleep during the surgery.
  • The surgery changes your stomach or intestines, so you can not eat as much or absorb nutrients well. There are different types of this surgery like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.
  • You wll stay in the hospital for a short time after the surgery.
  • After the surgery, you need to eat special foods and choose healthier options.
  • Your healthcare team checks on you regularly to see how you’re doing and fix any problems.

Factors Leading to Ineligibility:

Let’s explore the factors that can lead to ineligibility for bariatric surgery in Islamabad.

The BMI Number:

This is to determine whether a patient is a right candidate for weight loss surgery or not. Doctors use the BMI (Body Mass Index). You might not be a candidate for this procedure if your BMI isn’t extremely high. It should be like 40 or more, or 35 with specific health issues brought on by being overweight.

No Other Health Problems:

Weight loss surgery is often for people who have health issues because of their weight, like diabetes or sleep problems. If you’re just overweight and healthy, doctors might suggest other ways to lose weight first.

Not Ready Emotionally:

Before the surgery, you need to be ready in your mind and heart for big changes. If you have serious sadness, anxiety, or problems with drugs or alcohol that aren’t treated, doctors might say it’s not the right time for surgery.

Not Wanting to Change:

There is no quick fix with this operation. It involves that you’ll need to change your eating and exercise habits going forward. Doctors may refuse to do the procedure if you aren’t ready for these modifications or if you’ve previously disregarded their recommendations.

Health Problems That Can Make Surgery Unsafe:

Some medical problems can make weight loss surgery too risky. Things like very bad heart disease, severe liver issues, certain cancers, or past surgeries on your belly can make it hard to have this surgery.

Planning a Baby:

If you’re a girl and you’re pregnant now or want to have a baby soon, doctors will usually say no to this surgery. It can cause problems with getting enough nutrients for you and your baby.

Final Words:

Bariatric surgery in Islamabad can help save lives for people dealing with serious obesity and health issues. But not everyone is eligible for it. Speak to a surgeon who specializes in this area to see whether you can. They’ll examine factors like your weight, health issues, and readiness for significant change.

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