The Artistry of Fat Injections:

Body shape should not be considered a thing in society but if you want to change this then the power of fat transfer is here for you. You can extract fat from any part of the body and move it to another part to reshape your body. The treatment gained huge popularity due to its functionality and benefits.

It is not only centered to other parts of the body, but the face is the commonly treated part with this procedure. Hence; it is a versatile procedure without any limitations. You can consult for the treatment after finding out the cost of fat injection in Pakistan?

Magical Benefits:

Experience the magic of augmentation of fat to get:

●     Safe and Natural Procedure:

Fat transfer is the safest and most reliable method to contour your body and achieve the desired result. It is because no outside substance is involved in the procedure, just the place of one’s body fat changes to the particular part.

●     Long Lasting:

The results last longer than any other procedure; mostly it is life long. Because the transferred cells get adjusted with the tissues of the new place easily.

●     Customizable Treatment:

The process is completely customizable. You can change the appearance of your face or body to as much extent as you want by shifting the places of the fat.

●     Natural Looking:

The outcome is fully natural looking because the new cells get adapted to new placement and do not appear artificial.

●     Contouring of Body:

Whole body structure gets improved and curved with contouring or enhancement of just one or more parts due to equal transfer of fat.

●     Less Invasive:

It is a non-invasive way to get yourself augmented, sculpt and re-shape into your dream body. It promotes healing of tissues due to its regenerative properties.

●     Overall health improvement:

Fat augmentation and transfer impacts promote healing of tissues due to its regenerative properties.

Unveil the Cost Details:

The cost of fat injection in Pakistan varies depending on the level of procedure, mostly it ranges from 120,000 to 200,000 PKR.  There are plenty of things that affect the overall cost of the procedure like:

●     Location of Clinic:

Area of the clinic makes a huge impact on the price range. Clinics in major cities have higher costs due to the quality of services provided.

●     Fee of the surgeon:

Average cost can alter with the fees of specialists as they decide their prices according to their own preferences.

●     Extent of the Procedure:

Complexity of the procedure and amount of area that is being treated is responsible for the increase and decrease in total cost.

●     Other facilities:

Other facilities like anesthesia, pre and post recovery care are also added into the total expenses.

How do they Work?

Fat transfer involves both the grafting of fat and its transfer. The fat is first extracted from the specific body part, purified and then injected into the desired location. It adds volume to the area by adhering to the surrounding tissue and keeping them integrated. The overall procedure is considered hazard free because the cells are from the ones own body and therefore the body does not take so much time in getting adjusted to new replacement.

Are you suitable for the treatment:

You are a able to undergo the treatment of transplantation of fat if:

  • You are overall healthy both physically and psychologically.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You have enough fat to get injected into another area.
  • You want to get enhanced volume

Are there any Side-Effects?

Overall it is considered a safe procedure but still we should be aware of the possible drawbacks:

  • Bruising, Swelling or scarring
  • Infection of wounds
  • Fat reabsorption into the new part
  • Irregularities in structure
  • Not achieving desired results

Wrapping Up!

Fat augmentation or injection is the ultimate and most reasonable way. You should just have the desired amount of fat and then you can get it filled in the breast, buttocks, face or wherever you want. So, you do not have to wait and try so hard to get a curved body when lipofilling is here at your service. Dynamic Clinic Islamabad is the answer to all of your questions. Contact us by filling the form given below to know the cost of fat injection in Pakistan.