What is the maximum weight for breast reduction in Islamabad

Unlike breast augmentation, breast reduction reduces breast bulk. Breasts that are too big might create physical and mental problems. Some people are born with huge breasts for their bodies. The size and weight of the breasts may move and make exercise difficult. Bulk breasts can cause postural issues, shoulder and neck strain, and headaches.

Women with large breasts often complain about their self-image and body sensations. Occasionally, mental difficulties are present. So, our common concern is: What is the maximum weight for breast reduction? Let us find out!

What is Breast Reduction?

The breast reduction treatment reduces big breasts. The reduction of breast volume depends on the starting breast size. Besides surgery, a breast lift and nipple relocation are often needed. The surgery will also reduce mammary gland disparities. It is a very common procedure these days. 

NOTE: Breast reduction may limit lactation. If you plan to have children soon, postpone the operation.

How is the Procedure Done?

The surgeon makes incisions to remove excess skin, glandular tissue, or fat from the breast muscles. Excision is also helpful in removing excess fat. The procedure’s approach depends on many factors, as each reduction surgery requires customization.

This process has three steps:

  1. Multiple incisions:

Multiple incisions are mandatory in breast reduction surgery. Around the areola, the surgeon makes keyhole or racquet incisions to access the mammary fat. Moreover, there are other ways to remove the fat, like an anchor or inverted T-shaped incision. All these procedures leave permanent scars on your body

  1. Tissue removal and patient relocation:

After accessing the mammary fat, the surgeon removes the extra fat. Following the fat reduction, the nipples are also relocated for aesthetic purposes. Moreover, you can opt for several features, such as the areola reduction and breast relocation. Treatment for pendulous breasts may involve areola excision and nipple repositioning.

  1. Reassembling the incisions:

After the procedure is complete, your surgeon will assemble the breast, and sutures will be made. These sutures are subcutaneous, and they can go deep into the skin tissue. Although incision lines are permanent, most will fade and improve with time.

Primary Benefits of Breast Reduction:

Breast reduction in Islamabad has several benefits. Some of the most evident and major benefits are:

  • Long-lasting benefits and bodily relief are delivered.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence.
  • The surgery may enable more exercise and better health.
  • A proportional bustline makes it easier to accessorize with fitting garments.
  • Reducing breast size and weight can improve posture.
  • A decreased risk of breast disease.
  • The standard of living will improve.

Who Can Have Breast Reduction?

Younger women may not have enough breast fat for liposuction, and thus, they may not be good candidates. If you have breasts that are larger than average, the you are a good candidate for the surgery. Moreover, you can opt for breast reduction if;

  • Breast discomfort or tenderness.
  • An attractive body image is your goal.
  • You experience skin pain under the breast crease, 
  • Breasts prohibit you from playing sports.
  • Heavy breasts cause shoulder, back, and muscle pain.

Aftercare and Recovery Following Breast Reduction:

You may feel pain and discomfort after the operation. Normal pain and discomfort are paramount during such a surgical process. To address this, your surgeon will prescribe pain medication.

Follow your surgeon’s wound care instructions and keep wounds clean and dry. If drains were implanted during therapy, you must empty them several times a day and record the fluid extracted. You may receive antibiotics to prevent infection and pain and swelling treatments. Rest and limit physical activity for several weeks after the surgery. Your surgeon will provide guidelines for when you can resume routine activities.

Expectations and Results of Breast Reduction Surgery:

The full effects of your treatment may take months to appear as the swelling reduces and your breasts form because the swelling will have decreased. It usually takes weeks to months to recuperate from therapy. Recovery times vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions and attend all follow-up appointments for the greatest results.

Cost of Breast Reduction in Pakistan:

On average, the breast reduction cost in Islamabad ranges from PKR 320,000 to PKR 450,000 depends on amount of work required. Breast reduction prices in Islamabad may vary by patient. The process is too sensitive to perform cheaply. Additionally, the following factors may affect treatment costs:

  • Veteran plastic surgeon billed.
  • Regarding clinic location and reputation.
  • Specific breast incision procedure.
  • Unincluded fees.

Why pick us for breast reduction surgery?

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