What will my face look like after fractional laser CO2 scar ?

Scar reduction with fractional CO2 Laser Scar Treatment in Islamabad is safe. This therapy is sought by many to improve skin texture and self-confidence. Scars from injuries, surgery, or skin eruptions may affect their confidence and pleasure. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is recommended to address these issues.

What Should You Do Before Your Fractional CO2 Laser Session?

Before fractional CO2 laser treatment, follow the basic pre-treatment requirements for best results. Stop drinking to reduce danger and speed recovery. Stop smoking because it slows healing and may affect results. 

Avoid going outside at night and apply sunscreen to treated areas to protect them. You should never take medication alone without your doctor’s consent to avoid complications. To ensure your skin is thoroughly washed and the laser treatment is safe and effective, follow these instructions. 

Discover Factional CO2 Laser Benefits Today:

  • Fractional CO2 laser therapy rejuvenates skin and removes pigmentation, wrinkles, and scars, improving style. 
  • Increased skin growth improves mental health, self-confidence, and personal fulfillment.
  •  Requesting a short shutdown will allow you to quickly restore normal activities with minimal disturbance. 
  • Improving skin tone and surface results in a more vibrant and dynamic coloring, which deeply satisfies. 
  • Less visible faults increase trust in professional and welcoming environments. 
  • This technique boosts self-esteem and attitude. Novel therapeutic effects may lead to a better, more content existence. 
  • With your skin looking and feeling its finest and boosting every part of your life, you can enjoy your renewed self-confidence and delight.

Method details: 

To alleviate patient anxiety during Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment, a targeted sedative or desensitising cream is administered to the treatment area.

Application of Laser:

After anaesthesia wears off, the fractional CO2 laser is skillfully placed on the patient’s skin. Under controlled conditions, it releases laser energy pulses to target trouble areas. The laser causes tiny punctures in the skin to promote collagen synthesis and spontaneous healing. When it touches the skin, it hides scars, cracks, and uneven colouring.

Support After laser treatment, apply a soothing balm or dressing to preserve the skin and aid recovery. Patients are given detailed post-treatment care instructions to enhance results and minimise side effects. These instructions include skincare and sun protection. Follow these instructions exactly for the greatest results and a smooth recovery.

How long does the wound heal after fractional CO2 laser treatment?

Since laser resurfacing targets the skin and destroys the top layers, expect:

  • Two- to three-day minor crusting
  • Three to seven days are needed to recover and restart routines.
  • Makeup can resume after a week.
  • One to three weeks will reduce redness.

Even during recovery, the skin will be smoother, less wrinkled, and more radiant. This product yields these outputs. Remember that the CO2 laser can be customised for each patient. Advanced skin ageing and UV damage may require more extensive treatments, which will prolong healing and downtime.  Conservative therapies might speed healing and reduce downtime for patients with mild skin ageing and sun damage.


Remember to avoid harsh products and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer twice a day. The use of cosmetic products should also be kept to a minimum as they can aggravate skin further.

In the first 24 to 48 hours following the fractional CO2 laser treatment, you may want to try using an ice pack or compress to the treated region to help reduce the swelling around your face. Use ointment as needed to stop the formation of scabs. Finally, you might need to modify your everyday routine and stay out of potentially infectious settings, such as swimming and working out.

When should one avoid fractional CO2 laser?

Unfortunately, the fractional CO2 laser is not for everyone. People should not do this skin procedure with major breakouts, open wounds, or facial diseases. Due to its health and safety risks, oral isotretinoin users should avoid the medication.


Fractional CO2 Laser Scars Treatment costs starts from PKR 15,000 per session. The price of the treatment approach may vary depending on various circumstances, so the final cost may vary from person to person. The number of sessions, the dermatologist’s skill, and the treatment used in different locales affect the procedure’s cost. To get the right price, talk to our experts.

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In conclusion, fractional CO2 laser treatment has transformed medicine and given people hope to improve their acne scars. If you’re considering this treatment, consult an experienced dermatologist first. You will comprehend its pros and cons. Remember that everyone’s skin journey is different. Because of this, perfect skin may take effort. But the end product is worth it.

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