18 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal treatment is a famous hair removal method all over the world. The latest laser machines are safer than ever. In this article, the 18 important facts about the treatment will be discussed. Please continue reading to know more about it.

Laser hair removal does not actually work by using magic.

The laser machine emits laser light to make the hair follicle unable to grow the hair.

Stay out of the sun before your appointment.

The person who wants to take the Laser Hair Removal Islamabad should avoid the sun.

You must shave the area you’re getting lasered.

The treatment area must be shaved with a razor before the laser treatment.

This also includes staying away from tanning beds, spray tans, and tanning lotion.

The person who wants to take it should not use tanning beds, spray tans, and tanning lotions.

Laser hair removal doesn’t automatically make you silky smooth after your first treatment.

The treatment area does not become smooth after just one treatment. A series of treatments are needed to get smooth skin.

Your appointment can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

The appointment is not going to be short. It may take from 20 minutes to an hour to do it.

Getting laser hair removal near the eyes is a big no.

The eyes are quite sensitive and no matter how safe the laser machine is, do not take it near the eye area.

You can’t make an appointment for a full-body laser hair removal treatment.

Even if someone recommends, say not to the full-body laser hair removal in one session.

If you want to see results, you have to be consistent.

Just one treatment session is not enough. So if you want to get the maximum hair reduction, you should complete the number of recommended sessions.

You should see prominent results after three months.

For most of the people, the results are not instant. In most of the cases, the prominent results can be seen after three months.

Some hair and skin types can be a little harder to treat.

Some types of hair and skin are harder to treat but it is possible to do so with the relevant machine.

The treatment itself isn’t particularly relaxing.

The treatment is not relaxing and the person may feel tingling and discomfort.

Lather up that sunscreen post-treatment.

The skin will become more sensitive after the treatment. So do not forget to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Do not wax or pluck after your treatment, though.

It is also important to mention that the hair should not be plucked after the treatment.

Also avoid perfumes, deodorant, and hot showers.

It is also recommended to avoid perfumes, deodorants, and showers after it.

Is laser hair removal actually safe?

Yes, it is safe. In fact, it is safer than ever. The right professional with the right machine can perform the procedure without major side effects.

Is it worth it?

The Bottom Line

So we have discussed some important about the Laser Treatment for hair removal. In the end, we can say that is a method for hair removal is a good option. If there is something still unanswered, please feel free to contact your dermatologist.