Baldness treatment in Islamabad

Sometimes, hair restoration surgeries went wrong due to weakness, lack of aftercare, genetics or an unqualified surgeon’s performance. However, if you start to lose hair even after the surgery then it would be very shocking and unexpected for you. It might be any reason like environmental factors, family problems or reaction to medicines but thanks to advanced cosmetic treatments, this problem is treatable.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss all about “Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?” as well as how to prevent hair loss in future. So, keep reading!

Introduction to Hair Transplant:

A surgical procedure that is used to perform as the hair follicles will extract from the backside of the scalp and implanted them in bald or patchy areas is known as Hair Transplant. It is divided into two effective methods, FUT – also known as a strip method, it will extract from the backside. Another one is FUE – which is used to perform by extracting individual follicles from the scalp and can be implanted on empty areas of the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard. The treatment is suitable for everyone except those who don’t have healthy and thin hair follicles.

Is it common to lose hair after transplantation?

Sometimes, it can be possible and common to lose hair even after the surgery because it might be a side effect of your treatment or not good performance of your chosen surgeon.

According to Dynamic experts, it is normal to lose a few hairs after 4 to 8 weeks of surgery. In other words, this condition is known as shock loss. You may feel your hair becomes thin and rough. But once this period is over, the implanted follicles will start to produce hair again and they will become thicker and strong.

What is pattern baldness after surgery?

In general, an undergoing candidate for hair transplant surgery will not experience pattern baldness after the procedure because natural hair follicles are implanted which are hard to fall out. On the other side, it can be a possibility that hair can appear as thin and less volumized. But you can get an additional session for implanting more hair follicles if you feel an empty area.

Preventions for future hair loss:

Many people are confused about “Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?” so it would be best if you proper consultation with a board-certified and experienced surgeon who will guide you accurately and properly. However, some common aftercare tips for prevention of future hair loss are mentioned below:

  • Choose the perfect age for hair transplant surgery otherwise, it will be helpless for you.
  • Better to always choose an experienced and professional hair surgeon for good treatment and who can guide you perfectly.
  • You must follow every little to detailed instruction from your surgeon for taking good care of your transplanted area.
  • Use vitamins, a proper healthy diet and routine caring for good hair appearance.
  • It will be best for you if you use essential oils for your perfect hair growth.
  • In case of extreme hair loss then you must visit your surgeon immediately.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, it is common to lose a few hair strands after the hair restoration surgery but if you are experiencing extreme hair loss and it is making you bald then you should consult Dynamic Clinic for immediate treatment before it’s too late. We want to make your hair healthy, thick and strong!