Can you remove a lipoma without surgery

Can you remember feeling helpless to stop a lipoma’s growth and afraid of surgery? A person’s fear of surgery can limit them since it imagines pain and damage. What if there was a non-surgical solution to this problem?

Midlife lipoma can be seen on the body. This disease causes a spherical, growing fat tumour. These lumps often occur on the forehead, shoulders, neck, back, arms, and legs but can appear anywhere. Even if it is not a tumour or hazardous, it should be removed immediately if it is changing in size or causing discomfort. It may arise as one or more lipomas and does not usually grow again after extraction.

Common Lipoma Locations:

The body can grow lipomas anyplace. Brain, organ, and muscle lipomas are rare. Most persons with lipomas have one. However, several can develop. Most arm and leg lipomas originate beneath the skin.

  • Includes back, neck, and shoulders.
  • The trunk
  • The torso.
  • A forehead.

Lipoma Symptoms:

Lipomas rarely hurt, although they can be if they originate near a joint or nerve. Many lipomas go unnoticed. Lipomas usually:

  1. Because they are enclosed, they do not disseminate to adjacent tissues.
  2. Many lipomas can cause pain and discomfort depending on their position, size, and blood vessel presence.
  3. Rubbery fatty lump tissue.
  4. They move when touched.
  5. Lipomas usually measure less than two inches, although some can reach six inches.

Types of Lipomas:

Every lipoma is fat. Lipomas may contain blood vessels or other tissues. Many lipomas exist, including:

  • A typical lipoma has white fat cells and is the most common form. White fat cells store energy.
  • Angiolipoma tumor has fat and blood vessels. Pain is prevalent with angiolipombomas.
  • Fibrous tissue and fat make up fibro-lipoma.
  • Hibernoma is a dark-fat lipoma. White fat is found in other lipomas. By creating heat, brown fat cells regulate body temperature.
  • Fat and blood cell-producing tissues make up myelolipoma.
  • Lipoma fat cells are spindle cells, which are longer than wide.
  • Pleomorphic lipomas have fat cells of various sizes and shapes.

Safe and Effective Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal:

Lipoma removal treatment uses a formula placed shortly after lipomas and promises effective outcomes without intrusive surgeries or aggravating treatments. This innovative treatment targets the origins of lipomas and encourages their reduction over time. 

It aims to prevent lipomas from forming by using specific formulation properties that may reduce their size. This non-invasive lipoma treatment is effective and prioritises patient comfort and safety. Knowing that certain chemicals can treat lipomas, the prescription contains a carefully selected combination of these molecules. 

These qualities work together to limit additional development and slow disease progression by addressing the causes of lipomas. The formulation’s gentle skin-care design reduces unwanted reactions and assures user comfort.

How Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal Works?

  • First, the growth and surroundings are examined to determine if lipoma removal without surgery is appropriate.
  • Numbing cream is used in the treatment region to make the patient more comfortable.
  • Carefully inserting therapy fluid into the lipoma core is the treatment.
  • The drug slowly dissolves the lipoma, and numerous treatments may be needed for the best results. 
  • This method does not require skin incisions or cutting, unlike surgery.
  • No incisions mean no stitches or wound dressing after the operation. No stitches or wound treatment are needed following the surgery.
  • Follow-up appointments will assess the patient’s progress and determine if more treatments are needed to remove the lipoma.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal:

  1. Non-surgical lipoma removal can improve your appearance by removing lipomas.
  2. Maintaining smooth, lump-free skin will help you feel more confident in social and professional settings.
  3. Compared to surgery, this approach has less downtime, allowing you to resume your routine sooner.
  4. Non-surgical lipoma removal reduces discomfort during and after treatment because no incisions or stitches are used. 
  5. Lipoma excision reduces anxiety and tension linked with their presence.
  6. Non-surgical removal is advantageous since it involves fewer appointments and a shorter treatment period.
  7. Eliminating your lipoma can improve your daily life by lowering stress and pain. This improves living quality.

Cost of Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal in Islamabad

Lipoma removal treatment costs PKR 70,000 to PKR 250,000 in Islamabad. Due to various factors, the treatment approach’s cost may vary from person to person. The number of sessions, the experience of the expert surgeon, and the type of surgery all affect the treatment cost. To get the right price, talk to our experts.

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